Beihu public security destroyed a “drainage powder” telecom fraud dens arrested 10 suspects

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Beihu Public Security news on January 25, beihu public security recently destroyed a suspected of illegal use of information network crime of the crime of dens members of dens for petty profits willing to act as a tool of fraudsters started the so-called “drainage of powder”…”Suction powder drainage” crime dens surfaced what is “drainage suction powder”?This is the popular words in telecom fraud crime in recent years, is a criminal suspect on the mobile phone software by using line, a variety of forms such as hair red envelopes, win the trust of the victim, step by step to induce the victim to add online fraud gang appointed WeChat, complete implementation of fraud “front end” service, finally let fraud gang targeted to the implementation of the fraud.In December 2021, the anti-fraud brigade of Beihu Branch of Chenzhou Public Security Bureau and Luoxian Police Station sorted out the clues of the case and found that a company named Chenzhou network science and Technology Operation Department was recruiting customer service in large quantities on, BOSS Zhipin and other recruitment websites, but the company had no business of buying and selling goods within its business scope.Why would a company with no buying and selling business hire so many customer service people?The suspicion attracted the attention of investigators.Police found through the investigation, these so-called customer service, work content is in “brush douyin” and chat with others, suspected of fraud gangs “attract powder drainage”.Through many days of research and analysis, after taking a large number of evidence, the police found that this is a criminal gang that provides front-end services for fraud groups.In the further investigation, the police also gradually found out the crime of the whole criminal gang, organizational structure, division of labor and so on, and locked the crime dens of the criminal gang in the shortest time.On January 14, 2022, Beihu Branch centralized the network of the core members of the gang, arrested on the spot 10 suspects suspected of illegal use of information network crime, seized a large number of mobile phones, bank cards and other crime tools.To expand business on the Internet recruiting employees since November 2021, the criminal suspect earlier fai (at large) a office buildings created in beihu chenzhou city so-and-so shop of network technology, has hired yan li, zhang, Chen yan, a kuang, Wu Mou one, with fine, li mou, earlier fang, ryu, ten such as name of cao personnel as an employee.Employees use to buy the trill account and will be packaged into “successful man”, the account on the trill APP, the selection of the targeted accosted trill women aged 25 to 50 users, use words to “flow” to “stick powder” on the last WeChat ID (i.e., for the WeChat ID add buddy), in this way, each a “powder”,Company employees can make a profit of 3 yuan.”As they say in the industry, we pick the victims.Victims take the bait, and then by our ‘online’ fraud.”Criminal suspect Chen Mou Xin about their own employment experience, frankly regret not at the beginning.Step by step become by fraud gangs using tools “we will buy the trill, packaged into company boss, successful men, etc., and then on the trill APP search for keywords such as” and “male” and “single”, choose a flow more video, selected target women from the comments section, induced her to add the last fraud gang WeChat ID provided.”Criminal suspect Wu mou frankly, they only do “drainage suction powder” this link, so at the beginning and did not realize that this is illegal criminal behavior, but as do more and more time, he also realized that this is illegal.”Once a woman is hooked and targeted, she will be ‘online’ in the form of a swindle.”After interrogation, the police found that the gang had sent more than 2,000 drainage messages to specific groups from November 2021 to January 2022 in less than three months, with a total profit of 45,000 yuan.After investigation, the criminal gang in December 2021 “drainage” of the victim Song Ling was the upstream criminal group to love and make friends means fraud 270,000 yuan.At present, the criminal gang of 10 suspects are suspected of illegal use of information network crime by criminal detention, the case is further investigation.First, the police remind the general public to strengthen the awareness of fraud, do not easily add strangers’ social accounts, do not easily click strangers sent unknown links, do not easily transfer money.Second, in choosing a career or employment, we should keep our eyes open, stick to the bottom line of principles and distinguish right from wrong.Do not be like the suspect in the case because of greed will take the risk to provide help for others to commit crimes, and eventually become the tool of others to commit crimes, thus stepping on the road of crime, both harm and harm yourself.