Thousands of miles apart a total of paper-cut friendly city linkage to celebrate the New Year

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“I am very happy to participate in this event, and we are also preparing for our friends in Jinhua to display the handmade works of Russian masters.”On the afternoon of January 26, a translator translated the words of Alexei Vladimirovich Lugovsky, director of the International Exchange office of Krasnodar, Russia, into Chinese.On the eve of The Chinese New Year, jinhua Foreign Affairs Office actively contacted krasnodar, Russia, in order to let people in its sister city experience the charm of paper-cutting, China’s intangible cultural heritage. The two cities, which are thousands of miles apart, got together via video link to celebrate the Chinese New Year with paper-cutting.One end of the video in Jinhua City paper-cut Museum, Jinhua foreign Affairs office staff, international friends Alexander and Anna, Jinhua city paper-cut Museum curator Zhan Dongming’s wife Li Jianhua, Jinhua City Jiangbin primary school students to get ready early;At the other end of the video is The Ptashensky Art School in Krasnodar, Russia, where principal Mshin Vladimir Dmitriev leads eight or nine students in a classroom with red paper and scissors in front of them.”Jinhua paper cutting is a kind of hollow art, which visually gives people a feeling of transparency and artistic enjoyment. The operation steps include origami, drawing lines, cutting off redundant parts, etc…”A Chinese and Russian bilingual video introduces the characteristics and steps of Jinhua paper cutting.With li Jianhua’s live teaching, both ends of the video are busy.Alexander folds the red paper in half from the opposite corner, finds the center of the bottom edge and folds the corner of the triangle to about two-thirds of the way, then continues to fold, then picks up the scissors and cuts slowly.Soon a bright red five-pointed star fell off the paper and he cried out in surprise, happily displaying his masterpiece with the clipped paper in one hand and the freshly made five-pointed star in the other.Anna as a child with white paper cut snowflakes, this review of paper cutting, she is full of interest, under the guidance of the teacher, one breath cut a five-pointed star, a “fu” word, and a lively tiger, the tiger chest, tail, energetic.”Paper-cutting is fun.”Anna said in fluent Chinese.Xu Ruitong of Jiangbin Primary School and the students also learn by model, you look at the paper I folded, I look at the picture you cut, the scene of laughter.At the other end of the video, students at the Putashinski Art School are in earnest, drawing pictures on paper with pencils, erasing them, rearranging them, and trying to get the most out of them.On the spot, there are also teachers back and forth guidance, students learn from each other.After cutting out the five-pointed stars surrounded by hearts, the students held them high and showed them to the camera.Thousands of miles away, jinhua Paper cutting Museum rang out a warm applause.Soon the students were back to cutting pandas and nesting dolls.The official in charge of Jinhua foreign Affairs Office said that the gathering of the two cities will help strengthen the connection between Jinhua and its sister city, promote the exchange of folk culture in the sister city, let more residents of the sister city know about the traditional Chinese folk culture, deepen the friendship with Jinhua, and promote cultural mutual learning and people-to-people exchanges.