Being sanctioned by the US, getting kicked out of the GEM weighting index, falling out of talks with Tesla?Ningde Times: Rumors have been reported

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On February 13, According to the wechat official account “CATL Ningde Times”, Ningde Times (300750.SZ) issued a statement: “Recently, a series of malicious rumors have appeared on the network platform about Ningde Times being sanctioned by the United States, being removed from the GEM weight index, and falling out of talks with Tesla, etc., causing market misunderstanding and misinterpretation, affecting the corporate reputation.The rumor was much ado about nothing, baseless and vile in nature.In order to safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of the company, our company has officially reported the case to the public security organ on February 12, 2022, and will investigate the rumor maker for legal responsibility according to law.Or affected by related rumors, Ningde times recent share prices continue to fall.The company’s shares fell more than 17% in the first week of the year.Ningde Times shares fell below the 500 yuan mark on February 11, closing at 489.99 yuan per share, with a total market value of 1.14 trillion yuan.The stock price of Ningde Times increased from less than 100 yuan in 2018 to the highest 692 yuan per share, becoming the listed company with the highest market value on gem.The operating income of Ningde Times also rose sharply from 14.879 billion yuan in 2016 to 50.319 billion yuan in 2020.Net profit in the same period climbed rapidly from 2.852 billion yuan to 5.583 billion yuan in 2020.In 2021, Ningde times performance is explosive growth.Its 2021 performance forecast released on the evening of January 27 shows that it is expected to achieve net profit of 14 billion yuan to 16.5 billion yuan, up 150.75% to 195.52% year on year, and net profit after deducting non-recurring gains and losses of 12 billion yuan to 14 billion yuan, up 181.38% to 228.28% year on year.Yet the market does not seem to be buying the results.Since January 27th, ningde Times’ stock price has been falling continuously. In the first week of the Year of the Tiger, except for February 9th, when the stock price rose slightly by 1.17%, the other trading days have been falling, with a total decline of more than 17%.Ningde times publicly responded, “It is not true that our company consulted the U.S. authorities about the possibility of sanctions,” but the decline did not stop.The industry believes that the bad news only amplified the market ningde times valuation concerns, the value of its early expectations back.After the stock price hit a high of 692 yuan per share last year, Ningde Times stopped rising and turned into falling, adjusting for almost two months and retracting nearly 30%.There are also more striking divisions among institutions.First securities bearish, think ningde times still have 20% adjustment space;Ubs is optimistic to sing long, that the time to buy, target as high as 700 yuan.A number of fund managers and investors told the Red Star Capital Bureau that the valuation of ningde times was inflated before, and now it is reasonable to adjust to a valuation of about 40 times.The prosperity of the new energy industry has not changed, Ningde era is still the industry leader without doubt.As for whether now bottom – fishing remains to be seen.Red Star news reporter Wu Dan-ruo editor Yu Dong-mei (download red Star news, report awards!This article is from Red Star News