Chongqing Rural Commercial Bank to build “air bank” to improve the quality and efficiency of financial services in rural areas

2022-04-24 0 By

In 2021, CHONGQING Rural Commercial Bank will adhere to technological innovation to improve the effect of financial services, create a “sky bank” through innovation, and improve the quality and efficiency of financial services for rural revitalization.First, zero-distance smart financial services.With the support of video technology platform and centralized operation platform, the remote video service mode is built, and four scenes of “air counter”, “air manager”, “air consultation” and “air coordination” are built, so that the smart finance can be considerable, audible and perceptive.Second, full coverage of daily financial services.It covers four major channels, including smart counters, convenient self-service terminals, mobile banking and direct banking, and gradually promotes offline services to 14 districts and counties and 368 outlets, enabling rural customers to experience “counter type” intelligent financial services both online and offline.Third, convenient and efficient financial services.The launch of “Air Bank” included 23 daily high-frequency financial services such as deposit, withdrawal and transfer, and served 160,000 customers in six months, effectively solving the problems of elderly customers’ difficulty in operating self-service equipment and limited types of online business, and improving the sense of access to financial services.