How absurd was The Roman Emperor Nero?Castrated men as “wives” and “sacrificed” themselves to slaves

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There is an old saying in the West that unlimited power destroys its possessor.Many typical examples can be found to prove the correctness of this saying in ancient and modern times, when people gain absolute power and can hardly get any constraints, their desires will expand infinitely and they will do a lot of things contrary to common sense and even against human morality.In the ancient history of China, there have been many cruel and immoral bad Kings, the people of the world suffered from them, and they have a bad reputation forever.In the same way, there were absurd rulers in the ancient Roman Empire, the most famous of which was Nero. Nero was one of the most despised emperors in the Roman Empire. He did many absurd things, including castrating his “wife” and sacrificing himself to slaves.The dynasty that was once at its height declined slowly because of his incompetence and violence until it finally fell to his hands, and he has been burdened with a heavy reputation.What folly had he committed?The special “wife” is different from ancient Chinese men who generally had three wives and four concubines, and the emperor even had three palaces and six houses. In Ancient Rome, the monogamy system was adopted, and even the Emperor of Rome could only marry one queen.Nero’s “queen” was named Sporus, who was forcibly married back to the palace to be his wife. His appearance also caused a great uproar in the whole Rome, and Nero was questioned by many people, so people began to have a strong suspicion of him.Sporus was very special. There was nothing about him that the Ancient Romans expected of a queen. Far from being of noble birth, he was a commoner, and he was a man, so even though he had good skin, people could not understand Nero’s insistence on making him his wife.Marriage in the eyes of the Ancient Romans was a very sacred thing, especially the emperor’s marriage, not only related to his personal happiness, but also related to the fate of the country, so when Nero announced his marriage, the voice of opposition like a fierce tide burst out.But even so, also failed to stop the madness of Nero, he completely regardless of the chancellor’s exhortation and people talk, will be welcomed wave Ruth into palace, forcing him to become his “wife”, spokane Ruth originally just feel flattered, but also can’t refuse, but when he entered the palace really, truly radical changes have taken place in his life.Nero had Spoorus castrated and tortured by forcing him to dress like a woman, even though he was surrounded by maids and mistresses.”Dedication” of the most famous a slave in ancient Rome activity is dou beast, people love to watch the slaves and beasts in the arenas to misunderstand, feel bloody and violence on his nerve stimulation, it can make those high above the nobility feel a kind of abnormal sensation, there are many poor slaves were killed as a result.Nero was the emperor of the Roman Empire, which meant that he was the biggest slave owner in the entire empire. He had the supreme status and the right to control the fate of slaves at will, which also became a tool for him to satisfy his evil psychology.Once he came to the arena and wanted to play something different. He didn’t want to see the slaves fighting with wild beasts, but he wanted to compete with the slaves himself, which made the chosen slave feel desperate.What long-oppressed slave would dare to fight with his master in the arena?And he was facing the Lord of a nation, so the people were ready to die.But Nero “offered” himself to the slave, ordering him to fight a duel with his true strength, or he would be executed, and that if he won, he would beat him as hard as he could, while he himself would suffer it on his knees.Slaves did not dare to disobey him. They had to obey him, which became a famous farce in Ancient Roman history.Absurd Behavior The reason why Nero would do so many absurd behaviors until the first dynasty was destroyed by him is quite complicated. He would develop such extreme character, and his upbringing has a lot to do with it.Nero’s own father was a womanizing nobleman who often abused people around him and beat people to death, but he died when Nero was very young.After his father’s death, Nero’s mother married the fourth Emperor of Rome, which gave Nero the right to the throne. His mother had killed many political enemies so that her son could inherit the throne.His mother’s cruelty also made Nero’s childhood life very difficult. He often needed to bear attacks and insults from his political enemies, and even experienced a life like a slave, so his psychology was gradually distorted in this process.After inheriting the throne, carried away by the sudden huge power, Nero, swell up and began to implement a variety of the behavior of the cruel oppression, very anxious to announced to the world you’re a token crazy, because in his eyes, those enemies still want to kill him, he tried to use a variety of ways to declare their own powerful and crazy.Very QingQi Nero’s way of thinking, he hopes his access to the underlying popular support and the slave, so he marry a civilian spokane Ruth as “wife”, also let the slave is wanton beating himself, to show their friendly attitude for civilians as well as slaves, but this has made him more absurd, didn’t also can obtain the corresponding support, instead of by people as a madman.In the face of growing opposition and a growing rebellion, Nero gradually lost the courage to continue living and eventually committed suicide.Summary: People often say that poor people must be hateful, because people are complicated animals, experience will affect a person’s thinking and behavior, leaving an ineffable mark on his body, so some people advocate that we must objectively and comprehensively evaluate a person.Nero’s experiences as a child left a shadow in his mind, leading him gradually to a path of no return, which not only destroyed his own life, but also the Roman dynasty, and he has since become known as the excesses of the emperor, burdened with a heavy reputation.