Savers, attention!More “4” banks are out of order. Be careful about saving money in the future!

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More “4” banks are out of order. Be careful about saving money in the future!A lot of people have the habit of saving money in the bank, in fact, the bank income is not high, is to go for safety.In recent years, many financial institutions have closed down, the phenomenon of bank bankruptcy is relatively few, some people bought P2P platform closed down in a few months, a large amount of money can not be recovered, the platform boss also directly into the inside.In recent years, we have all seen that real estate is a big mistake. Many companies have problems and many people have suffered heavy losses. In addition to those who buy real estate trusts, there are also speculators, owners of multiple suites, and small and medium-sized enterprises.What about banks?Not to mention the large state-owned banks, which are backed by the Ministry of Finance or The State Council, even the private banks are backed by companies like Baidu and Tencent.In 2020, Baoshang Bank had financial problems. It is said that the bank suffered from poor management and had a large deficit, so it collapsed suddenly. Now it is still in the process of restructuring, and many depositors don’t know what to do.If you follow the deposit regulations, you can get 500,000 yuan of compensation, but many depositors have tens of millions of funds, what’s the use of getting 500,000 yuan of compensation?In recent years, as the big Banks there is only one contractor bank bankruptcy, other did not hear, but a lot of problem Banks, savings products or products is not compliance, allegedly recently, countries from the shelves of 4 class savings products, including one called structured deposits, such deposits yield is relatively high, but countries think not compliance, directly from the shelves,Banks don’t do that anymore.China has a large population, and the savings rate has always been the highest. To tell the truth, many ordinary people seem to have no other choice than the bank.Buying stocks is also not reliable, a minute the stock price drops 50% to show you, it is all hard-earned money how to do this?With the increase in income, people have more money in their hands. RMB deposits now total 222.76 trillion yuan, an increase of about 9 percent over 2021. People’s awareness of safety and ability to resist risks are also becoming stronger.Although the also many different kinds of investment, but ordinary people preferred bank, rely on the bank a certain amount of profits each year, now there are more than 4600, our country bank bankruptcy is not a lot, even people think is simply a question of small and medium-sized Banks out of bankruptcy, he had at least six big state-owned lines, this is not so easy to a problem.They thought banks were the safest place to deposit money right now, but what people didn’t expect was that banks would have problems now.Now the bank bankruptcy regulations, deposit insurance regulations are out, the common people for the bank bankruptcy or on the point, do not always before the kind of vision to see the problem, big bank bankruptcy is not impossible, anyway, bankruptcy to you pay 500,000, if the assets are negative, the amount of compensation may be zero.In recent years, there have been a series of bank outbreaks of various problems, such as postal savings, Bank of China have been fined, some fines were imposed on the two banks.In fact, in 2011, the savings bank was fined 4.376 million yuan for illegal operations involving 114,000 yuan. However, the problems of the savings bank have not stopped.In 2022, I think the biggest news is that there are 4 more banks with problems. I think I should be careful about my deposits in the future, or I may lose all my money.The four banks, namely Export Bank, Bank of Communications, Minsheng Bank and Pudong Bank, were punished for their illegal lending practices.All four banks were fined and ordered to make corrections after problems were discovered in the auditing of customers’ data in order to extend more loans.Nowadays, many people think these things are trivial. No bank of such a big size has such problems, just like Baoshang Bank was also trivial at the beginning, but when it finally went bankrupt, people realized it was a big deal.In the process of deposit, the industrial and Commercial Bank of China and agricultural Bank of China should be selected as soon as possible. At the same time, the management is relatively strict. The annual profit of industrial and Commercial Bank of China is 300 billion yuan.When handling financial products, pay attention to the terms of the contract and do not sign easily.If things go wrong, savers are likely to be on the hook.Encounter collect fees in disorder, must inform against to supervise a branch in time, do not listen to the word of bank staff member easily.Regulators should also increase penalties to achieve this, and people’s savings will be protected.