Shen Minjun, worthy of lee Sedol’s close disciple, the legend of the “zombie flow” reappear in the river’s lake?

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On November 19, 2019, Bird Island teenager Lee Se-dol submitted his resignation to the Korea Go Academy.This matter means that lee Sedol, who was once officially all-powerful, has left us far away.Fortunately, he still has a close disciple Shen Minjun 9 duan, otherwise we really will be very sad.Mai Xin coffee cup 32 strong war, Shen Min Jun nine white chess facing Luo Xuan nine.The state of Luo Xuan 9 Dan is also gradually recovering.Shen Minjun 9 duan, you can not careless.Bai 58,60, is lee sedol’s zombie flow.White, who had been lurking in the black position, suddenly burst into life!By robbing, white took 64,66,70 positions.Just pull out of the white 30,44, and shen min junjun nine ruthlessly abandoned child processing?In all fairness, White 64 should have been tougher.If the black 23 can be pointed, this hijacking may even lay a victory for White.White 88,90, white again casually began to stomp on the midbelly.White, want to go cosmic flow?White 92 mention, Shen Minjun nine section grabbed the first hand and immediately began to show started to pass the “zombie flow”.White 94, this piece of chess dead and resurrected.White 96, black 94, of course.White 98 to 104 all the way out, the field on the right belongs to white side.At this point, it looks like white has discarded white 30,44.But in the black 105 repair of the moment, white 106 play, white once again dead resurrection!White played 108, and Black’s odds were down to single digits.As the saying goes, “strike left and look right; attack back and look forward”.Be aware of this when playing against Lee Se-dol’s zombie flow.Black 107. It’s a big loss for the bureau.If Black goes back 1 to white 10, black is not losing.Bai 166 chong, the largest official.Black 167, white’s win rate reached 85%!White 216, black wins the game.This service, white repeatedly flexible abandoned, let black almost giddy.Shen Minjun, worthy of Lee Sedol’s close disciple, the legendary “zombie flow” reappear in the river’s lake!