The couple’s seven-day Spring Festival holiday even a “husband and wife life” did not lead!Is this normal?

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The Spring Festival should have been a happy and peaceful day, but Zhang Elder sister (pseudonym) but hold a belly gas, Shouting to divorce with her husband old Zhao who has been married for 17 years, also said that a work, immediately go to the divorce certificate to do.What on earth is going on in this couple’s divorce?When the relatives and friends who came to care about the reason one after another, Elder sister Zhang was about to speak but stopped, squeaking and couldn’t tell why.Finally, Elder Sister Zhang revealed her feelings to her sister.01 Newly bought pajamas are useless!It turns out that Elder Sister Zhang is 47 years old, and her husband, Lao Zhao, is 43 years old, four years younger than her.When the Spring Festival, Lao Zhao is not drinking every day is playing cards, the last three days of the holiday, actually participated in the three consecutive reunion, did not return all night.Elder sister Zhang was very angry about this, she said New Year’s Eve also specially prepared new pajamas, want to add to the atmosphere of the festival, create a little fun and old zhao affectionate, but never thought, that day old Zhao and brother on the reunion dinner.So Elder sister Zhang had to give up.02 first to third relatives and friends too much stir!To the first day, the second day, the third day, home relatives and friends are also quite many, every day is playing mahjong late into the night, the next day and then “make up for sleep” to noon.If you want to do that, there’s almost no time for it.Sister Zhang is a hard-working person, these days she herself has to get up early to clean, prepare lunch.One thing at a time, and that’s holding it up.Can the student association really open from the fourth to the sixth?Elder sister Zhang said, the first four days of family visitors, all quite tired, let it go.Can not expect from the beginning of the fourth, Lao Zhao began to run, three consecutive days opened three reunion, not only the fourth night at three o ‘clock in the morning to go home, more excessive is the fifth night, Lao Zhao unexpectedly did not return all night.This can make Elder sister Zhang furious.Elder sister Zhang said, Lao Zhao promised to come back early to make out, he went to bed early and waited, bath also washed, electric blanket also opened, but this Lao Zhao has not returned to the information.When nearly 12 o ‘clock, Elder sister Zhang called the past, the other party unexpectedly shut down.Elder sister Zhang stayed up all night sulking.Early in the morning on the sixth day, Lao Zhao came back from outside and Elder sister Zhang asked him where he had been.Lao Zhao simply explained that his cell phone had run out of power yesterday, and he had played mahjong all night with some of his best male classmates in junior high school, and now he just wanted to “catch up on sleep”.Sister Zhang was so angry that she said with red eyes that she could not live any longer and cried for a divorce.In front of the sister who came to mediate, Elder sister Zhang was very aggrieved, she said, “The Spring Festival is seven days, only a couple of more than 40 years old, should have a one-time life but, this is simply unreasonable!”Fire Lord wants to tell everyone here, home and everything is happy, the Chinese New Year, must pay special attention to their partner’s feelings.You can’t be numb and not do your duty because of an old married couple.Lao Zhao really do very wrong, not only to his wife bought a new underwear to increase the interest of husband and wife this thing appears very indifferent, and also out for several days do not come home, really very excessive.But Elder sister Zhang also don’t because of a moment in anger easily shouted to divorce, or first ask things clearly again, after all, husband and wife life is only a part of the world of two people, although important, but if Lao Zhao did not make a principled mistake, or do not easily make such a big deal.What do you think about that?Welcome to our channel, more exciting content is waiting for you!If you need to solve the problems in the relationship, also welcome private message us!