The four pits of credit

2022-04-24 0 By

Hello, I’m Big Bao Bao.Nowadays, Internet finance is more and more popular, and it is easier to borrow money.You know what?Credit loans are also flawed.Let’s talk about the four pits of credit loans.”Four pits of credit loans”, usually for :(1) only by id card loan, this belongs to exaggerated propaganda everyone remember, any formal loan, it is impossible to only by id card, do not need any other materials, can directly apply for.Id card of course applies for loan to deal with a must condition, but generally speaking, when applying for loan, besides submitting individual ID card, still need the material such as working proof, income situation.Some of the more stringent loans, but also require a personal credit report and social security payment records.The claim that you can lend money with only your ID card is either an exaggeration or a loan scam.(2) We must be vigilant against loans without licenses and credit loans without licenses;There are some informal loan platforms, claiming that as long as you fill in the information can be the next payment.For this kind of business without a license loan, credit loan without a license, we must be vigilant.Such informal loan platform, after completing the submission, will always be informed that the system score is insufficient, failed to obtain the amount.In this case, it is likely to be fraudulent information, which belongs to financial fraud.(3) Charge upfront fees, such as allowing users to pay withdrawal fees and membership fees;In order to avoid risk and avoid being labeled a “loan shark,” many loan companies strictly enforce the loan rate cap of 36% annualized interest rate.However, in addition to the interest, the platform will also charge the borrower service fee, commission fee, management fee, security deposit and other fees.Generally speaking, the person that has conduction loan says pay 300 yuan security deposit, of next money within 3 minutes, be cheater.Don’t pay attention to anyone who wants money without lending.(4) The loan interest rate is very high, which can be called “usury”. Many platforms claim that the loan has zero interest and zero cost.Think about it carefully — how is that possible?In this case, the platform charges in the form of a beheading.The specific operation means is to deduct loan interest, commission fee, management fee and security deposit from the loan principal.In the end, some loans end up with annualized interest rates of almost 36%, which is clearly “usurious.”