Three new (mild) confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Guangzhou, details announced

2022-04-24 0 By

On March 16, Guangzhou held a press conference on COVID-19 prevention and control, during which officials from The Municipal Health Commission, the Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau, Tianhe District and Huangpu District briefed on COVID-19 prevention and control.At the meeting, Chen Bin, Deputy Director and spokesperson of Guangzhou Municipal Health Commission, briefed guangzhou on three new (mild) confirmed COVID-19 cases.Case 1, male, 37 years old, now lives in Guanghe Community, Tianhe South Street, Tianhe District. The case returned to Guangzhou from other provinces by high-speed train on March 13, and nucleic acid samples were taken at Guangzhou South Railway Station, and the result was negative.On March 16, she was initially positive in the routine nucleic acid test conducted by the unit, and was positive after re-sampling and retesting.Case 2, male, 7 years old, is the son of case 1 and lives with case 1.The nucleic acid sample was positive and the retest was positive during the screening of contacts on October 16.Case 3, a 34-year-old male, is the younger brother of case 1.On March 13, the case returned from other provinces with the same patient, and the nucleic acid test results were negative for three consecutive days on March 13, 14 and 15.The nucleic acid sample was positive and the retest was positive during the screening of contacts on October 16.The three cases were transferred to the Eighth Affiliated Hospital of Guangzhou Medical University for isolation this morning.Based on the combination of clinical imaging findings and laboratory test results, the medical team diagnosed a confirmed case of COVID-19 (mild).His condition is stable.According to the cases of trajectory and epidemiological situation, identify relevant key sites in 17, involving five districts, respectively: tianhe district 7:14 days HeNa Street wide and a street, meat, fresh hui (tianhe straight street shop), 7-eleven (second branch) tianhe road, west road primary school (west campus), kiss Ann’s home, guangzhou funeral home, sinochem guangdong co., LTD.Huangpu District 7: Huangpu Border inspection Station, Yunpu Street chunhui 2nd Street 67, Guangzhou Development Zone Hospital Nangang Hospital, Pinsheng life supermarket (Huangpu store), fruit store (Fuzhinao fresh supermarket), The first affiliated hospital east Hospital of Zhongda, Zhongshan Avenue East 227 Wei Meng Hardware Store.1 in Liwan District: Meili Xinzhu, No.187, Zhongshan 7th Road.Yuexiu District 1: One of 10 Renxiuxin Street, Dadong Street.1 in Panyu District: Guangzhou South Station.[Edit: He Wen Breeze]