What is the income level of the person who drives 300,000 cars?What do you say to an insider telling the truth

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Introduction Nowadays, people’s living conditions are constantly improving. At the same time, social pressure is also constantly increasing. Buying a house and a car has become the goal and pursuit of more and more people.Of course, living in a good house and buying a good car are people’s bigger goals and pursuits.For most of the people, open are ordinary cars, and live in ordinary buildings.Few people can afford luxury cars such as Lamborghinis and Ferraris, and few can afford to live in a five-story villa.After all, this is too much pressure on their own life, and for most people, it is difficult to achieve.In our life and work, more people drive Volkswagen or Hyundai cars of more than 100,000 yuan. The more luxurious and expensive ones are Mercedes cars and BMW cars of two or three hundred thousand yuan.This kind of car is more common, I believe that whether people have cars or people without cars, the heart will drive Mercedes Benz BMW people yearning.Imagine when you will be able to drive 300,000 cars, and how much income do you need to make a month to drive 300,000 cars?At this time, each of us should take a look at the salary table, whether he reached the standard?A, open 300 thousand car, should pay attention to what?For a normal car, and buy a new car insurance business, the overall market down, to around 200000, and for the 300000 car, the first to buy it can cost anywhere from $300000, plus every year need to purchase insurance, and to deal with the cost of household registration, spending a year in about 5000 yuan.Many people steer clear of luxury cars when driving because they can’t afford to sell their cars if they crash into them.Two, how much monthly income can you afford to drive 300,000 car?If you take out a loan, buy a $300,000 car.According to their own choice and planning, assuming that the down payment is 150,000 yuan and the loan is 150,000 yuan, according to the bank’s profit and interest, they will pay back nearly 5,000 yuan to the bank every month.For this kind of luxury car, gasoline is also the top match, this part of the expenditure, every month to add about two tanks of oil.It costs hundreds of dollars.Secondly, this kind of good car also to do regular maintenance to it, in order to ensure its normal running.Accordingly, calculate insurance cost and gas money, still have maintenance cost, come down on average every month should be in 3000 multivariate control.Parking is a difficult thing for many car buyers.Because in many cities nowadays, parking has new regulations, setting up fewer and fewer free parking areas.And more is the need for charging parking area.The annual parking fee is not a small amount.If you buy a parking space in your own community, you also need to spend more than 100,000 yuan, and keep a car, it will cost nearly 500,000 yuan.Even for some small and medium-sized cities, the cost of parking in the third and fourth tier cities is very high.Some are temporary parking, more than a certain amount of time to pay a certain amount of money, and some need to rent a parking space, reach the rental time, you must drive away, otherwise will be subject to violations.Also someone has calculated specially, calculate every month should return the loan and fuel money maintenance cost of a kind of miscellaneous 8 expenses, raise a 300 thousand car, the income is at least 9000 yuan.Therefore, only if a person’s monthly income exceeds 10,000 yuan, it is not difficult to keep a car of 300,000 yuan.It would certainly be more convenient for today’s young people to buy a car at work.As a result, they often turn to their parents to help them with a down payment, followed by their own monthly payments.But this will give yourself a lot of pressure, and just go to work, the work is not very stable.Many parents are also willing to pay full price for their children’s car, but the parents are also old, where can they have so much money?They scraped together enough money to buy a car for their children and put a lot of pressure on themselves in their later years.However, in terms of salary scale, there are still very few people who can afford to buy a car of 30 thousand. Most people who earn more than 10 thousand are in first-tier cities, or those who are on the rise in their career.In this way, do not give yourself too much pressure.Therefore, if the demand is not very big, or recommended to buy ordinary tens of thousands of cars.The car of 300 thousand is natural very support scene, can bring countless face to oneself.However, it will also bring a lot of pressure on yourself. If your income is not up to the standard and your salary is not enough to support your car of 300,000 yuan, you’d better take careful consideration and plan, otherwise you will bring great pressure and burden to yourself or your parents.Buying a car is very easy nowadays, even if you don’t have enough money to buy a car, you can choose to pay on installments.Or loans.But keeping a car is a very difficult thing, some people have to pay the mortgage, car loans, even decades of time, which is a great pressure for the future life.Today’s topic: How much income do you have to make to drive a car worth 300,000 yuan?Check the payroll and see if you’re up to par?