First stop sand control man | Chen Zhaoyu: We have been too tired in this life, is to let future generations can enjoy happiness!

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Since February 10, we launched the activity of “looking for the first stop of desertification control”, more and more people who have experienced desertification control and desertification control stories have emerged. Today, let us approach the first stop of desertification control Chen Zhaoyu to listen to his desertification control stories. Chen Zhaoyu, one of the first stop of desertification control, the former Wuzhuang brigade of Chengxi Commune (now Shili community) accountant.From 1960 to 1964, Chen Zhaoyu led the brigade to participate in sand control, and completely changed the rugged land environment of Shixing Zhuang in four years.Poor He Bao, rich Lang Zhuang, begging appeared in The Ten Zhuang, ten Zhuang, good planting, three days a rain, water, three days no rain, ditch bottom up, always can’t drop the begging stick……”Recalling the appearance of the Shili community in the 1950s, 82-year-old Chen Zhaoyu recalls this doggerel: “Ah, it was really poor at that time……”In order to realize “drought irrigation, flood drainage”, at the end of 1959, under the leadership of the county party committee and the county government, the people’s Commune of West Chengcheng began to organize large-scale labor to reduce the “turtle back camel”.”All I want is to control the sand and dig the earth, make it even, plant the rice, and we’ll have enough to eat!”This was Chen Zhaoyu’s goal at that time.”Make small pieces by yourself, and organize large pieces.”This is how Chen Zhaoyu recalled the sand control methods in those days: for the plots with small problems, the team leader organized everyone to improve the soil, and for the complex plots, organized several nearby brigades to work together to control sand.”It was very hard. I worked day and night. My face and body were bathed in blister, and my skin was slouched layer by layer, all like unearthed cultural relics.Because of poor, usually can only drink some porridge, every day basically have to sand digging until three o ‘clock in the morning!”Here, Chen Zhaoyu can not help but burst into tears……”Later, I took more than 160 people with me to Huangshi Township for more than a month under the unified organization of the government.Although hard, but we are very supportive of our work, without everyone’s hard work, cautious and conscientious, it would be impossible to have the success of desertification control, suffering for three or four years is really nothing, really want to thank you, thank the government’s policy……”Looking back on these years, Chen zhaoyu said, “I have suffered and tired in my life so that future generations can enjoy happiness!One hundred years later, rugao people will remember that this was the land leveled by our generation, and the value of life will be realized.”Believe such “sand control person” far more than Chen Zhaoyu one we still continue to look for — sand control life happiness shade party sand control spirit inherits from generation to generation picture: Zhang Pingping review: MAO Yan review: Fan Yue editor: Wu Huiling