Shandong Agricultural University will add 2 key laboratories of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs

2022-04-25 0 By

Xinhua News Agency client Jinan February 19Recently, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs announced the list of key laboratories of science group of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs in the 14th Five-year Plan. The Key Laboratory of Agricultural Film Application and Huang-Huai-Hai Key Laboratory of Smart Agricultural Technology built by Shandong Agricultural University were listed.At present, shandong Agricultural University has 5 key laboratories in total, the other 3 are the key Laboratory of Crop Ecophysiology and Cultivation, the key Laboratory of Horticultural Crop Biology and Germplasm Creation in Huang-Huai Region, and the key Laboratory of Crop Water Physiology and Drought-resistant Germplasm Improvement.Agricultural NongCunBu key laboratory of agricultural application depends on the independent construction of shandong agricultural university, for restricting the development of modern agriculture in our country agricultural function and the crop demand matching is not accurate, the agricultural product performance to improve application problems such as difficult to degradation, soil residual membrane, using multidisciplinary integration, production, in the form of a cooperative and international cooperation, make full use of its advantages in interdisciplinary characteristics of innovation team,Developing green agricultural application environment control basic scientific research and development of green agricultural films of new products, break through the soil residual film degradation of key technologies, green river formed the “initiative – production – science use” whole chain science and technology system, to promote agricultural application level, promoting the development of green agricultural industry and modern agriculture.Supported by Shandong Agricultural University, The Huang-Huai-Hai Key Laboratory of Intelligent Agricultural Technology of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs is jointly established with the Institute of Agricultural Economics and Information of Henan Academy of Agricultural Sciences. Focusing on the needs of the agricultural industry, the Laboratory actively carries out collaborative innovation research on varieties and supporting agronomy, intelligent agricultural machinery and industrial digital intelligent control.Laboratory will use the scientific research team and basic conditions, give full play to the production, resource advantage, to develop wisdom agriculture major key technology research, explore the wisdom agriculture construction mechanism and efficient service model, construction of production, Shared data repository, large agricultural data cloud application platform, and high performance computing platform, establish a scientific and effective mechanism of sharing,We will significantly improve the efficiency and effectiveness of collaborative innovation.As an important part of the national agricultural science and technology innovation system, since the 12th Five-Year Plan, the former Ministry of Agriculture has started the construction of key laboratories of science and technology groups.After years of development, the Key Laboratory of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs has become an important strategic scientific and technological force supporting high-quality agricultural development and all-round rural revitalization.