The feeling outside marriage, why lead two years to scatter?

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The first: the intimacy of living together for a long time.Most relationships outside of marriage are furtive and can’t be together all the time, so they lack the intimacy of long-term living together.This kind of relationship, although can retain the freshness for a long time, but once this freshness, there is nothing to maintain the relationship between two people.Without something to hold a relationship together, the relationship ends.This kind of relationship is not like marriage, because there is a long-term intimacy between husband and wife, so the relationship will not be so easy to end.But relationships outside of marriage are different. Relationships outside of marriage start with impulsivity and affection, and because there is no precipitation in the middle, the relationship always looks flirty and fragile.Wang Qiang (not his real name) was impressed.He is a man who has a wife and son, and had not thought of starting a relationship outside marriage like other men, but the appearance of a person, or broke his principle.He and Li Qing (alias) because of the work of the relationship just know.Originally he also did not have other idea to Li Qing, but as the contact of two people, he produced change to li Qing’s idea.Li Qing (alias) is different from his wife’s calm self-restraint, she is a lively love laughing temper, let him feel very fresh.He did not love his wife, once he also loved his wife’s calm, but now to see a completely different girl with his wife, let him feel fresh at the same time, also want to try a completely different relationship between men and women.So, in his pursuit, he and Li Qing together.At the beginning is sweet, two people together always have to say not over words, once let him feel that he is love Li Qing.But by the time the project was over and the two could no longer see each other as often, the feeling faded.At this time, he also did not realize the problem.He and Li Qing will still look for an opportunity to secretly meet.Such day passed two years, the time of two years changed a lot of, he did not have the passion at the beginning again with Li Qing together, also did not have the so-called heart, all fresh feeling disappears completely, this time, he just realized him to Li Qing did not love at all.Because he does not live together for a long time with Li Qing intimate feeling, so, when that heart and passion retreat, what also do not remain.Realizing the problem, he broke up with Li Qing and returned to his family.After the experience of this relationship, Wang Qiang realized that he and Li Qing will come to this step, completely because there is no long-term life together between the two intimacy, so it will be so easy to end.He also figured out that the emotion outside of marriage, at most, was a tonic for life, and could not exist forever.It’s not worth hurting your first wife just to have some fun with your life.Second: trust.Another reason relationships don’t last outside of marriage is that both parties lack trust in each other.The lack of trust doomed the relationship to fail.Is between husband and wife, if the lack of a sense of trust, it will have a marital crisis, let alone the feelings outside marriage.The birth of feelings outside marriage, is to begin with betrayal, so, this itself is impossible to exist the so-called trust.Because both parties have betrayed their own marriage and family, both parties who are talking about extramarital relationships are actually distrustful of each other.Because once betrayed, it is possible to betray a second, and there is no guarantee that he will be an exception.Therefore, it is good that when two people are still interested in each other, the crisis of trust will not erupt so easily and the relationship will not end so quickly.But when both parties are no longer interested in each other, or one party has become bored with the other, it’s easy to have a crisis of trust, and once a crisis of trust occurs, the relationship between two people is over.Li Shan (pseudonym) is a married woman. She has never been satisfied with her marriage because her husband is busy with his career and has no time for her, so she always complains.However, this situation changed when she talked to Shi Liu (pseudonym) about her feelings outside of marriage.Shi Liu would come to accompany her husband when he was busy.They eat together, watch movies together, and travel together.Such a life satisfied Li Shan, her husband was responsible for making money and Shi Liu was responsible for accompanying her.Although Shi Liu does not have a serious job, but he is very coax people, every day can coax her very happy.He even divorced his wife for her.Although she did not have the courage to divorce, she still felt very touched, so she paid for their dates and even bought his daily necessities and clothes.But after a while, she got tired of it.When he proposed to marry her, she turned him down.She didn’t want a divorce and she didn’t want to marry him.To tell the truth, she didn’t trust him, he could cheat on his wife once, there would be a second time, she didn’t want to be his wife.After that, the two remained together, but she knew their relationship had come to an end when Shi Liu offered to borrow some money from her to start a business.Although she likes someone to accompany, someone to coax the day, but she is not stupid, this money to lend out, it is estimated that can not return.And there’s no trust between them to make it work.After she thought this out, she decided to break up with him and completely returned to the family.She thinks clearly, although she always complains that her husband is busy, has no time to accompany her, but she trusts her husband, so, their marriage can last.And the love outside marriage, that is only when she is empty, want to find someone to accompany, simply can’t last long.Through the examples of the two people above, we can see that the relationship outside marriage is because of the lack of intimacy and trust of long-term living together.The intimacy and trust of a long-term relationship can only be given by two people in a marriage, not by two people in a relationship outside of marriage.In the extramarital relationship, two people together in the early stage, may not see any contradiction, two people are immersed in the kind of secretly talk about the pleasure, not aware of the problems between two people.At that time, the two people think of only those questions about eating and drinking, not these deep-seated problems.These questions only surface when the relationship is past its peak.There is no intimacy between two people who live together for a long time, so when the freshness is gone and the enthusiasm fades, there is nothing left but boredom.At this time, the most easy to break out a crisis of trust, because the feelings cool, no longer trust each other, so, the hidden contradictions between two people will surface, stir two people can not continue.At this time, there is only one ending, that is to break up.So, don’t be fooled by the impulse of the moment. At first, some people may see a relationship outside of marriage as true love, but after two years, you may fully sober up.So, when you’re looking for a relationship outside of marriage, don’t act on impulse.Most extramarital relationships fall apart after those two years.