Tianrongxin (002212.SZ) plans to push 7127.035 million stock option incentive plans

2022-04-25 0 By

Glonhuimarch 27 | Tianrongxin (002212.SZ) disclosed the first phase of “Striver” stock option incentive plan (draft), which intends to grant 71,270,350 stock options to incentive objects, accounting for about 6.01% of the total share capital of the company when the draft incentive plan was announced.Of these, 64,770,350 were granted for the first time and 6,500,000.00 were reserved;The exercise price of stock options granted under the Incentive Plan is $9.65 per share;A total of 1,270 people were awarded incentives for the first time.This article is from Gronhui