Today’s oil price: Today February 7, nationwide gas stations, adjusted 92, 95 gasoline retail prices

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Today’s oil prices: the latest information on February 7, today on Monday, crude oil prices showed no signs of slowing down, because the supply and demand factors remain very bullish, including situation in Ukraine and the Iranian nuclear negotiations, geopolitical risk is the uncertainty of oil price, because they seem more likely to lead to a tightening in the short term market.International oil prices: U.S. WTI March 2022 crude futures were quoted Monday, Feb 7, up $0.21, or 0.23%, at $92.52 a barrel in electronic trading as of 12 a.m.London Brent crude for April 2022 was up 57 cents, or 0.61 percent, at $93.84 a barrel.2022 third Round of oil price adjustment statistics:Statistics “two rose” oil prices, oil prices continued to rise after the Spring Festival before a new round of oil prices continue to rise, start rising again, and with the international oil prices break through the influence of the average of $90 a barrel, statistics of oil prices continue to rise, the two even higher, at present by the second working day, rising oil prices is expected to 155 yuan/ton, or higher price calculation,About up 0.11 yuan/l ~0.12 yuan/l range.At present, the oil price is expected to rise by 105 yuan/ton in two working days, and the current record high international oil price is still rising, I am afraid that the new round of oil price will rise after the Spring Festival holiday, and the next oil price will start on February 17th.February 7, the latest gasoline prices around the country, the latest diesel price list: finally, the domestic oil prices: today February 7, we look at some regions of the gasoline and diesel prices;Ningxia 92 gasoline price increased to 7.80 yuan/liter, 0# diesel price adjusted to 7.47 yuan/liter;Jiangxi 92# gasoline 7.85 yuan/liter, 95# gasoline 8.43 yuan/liter, 0# diesel 7.63 yuan/liter;Beijing today’s oil price: Beijing today 0 diesel price of 7.37 yuan/liter;Today, the price of Beijing 92 gasoline is 7.66 yuan/liter.The current 95 gasoline price in Beijing is 8.16 yuan per liter;Today the price of Beijing 98 gasoline is 9.14 yuan/liter.