2022, my annual give up list

2022-04-27 0 By

2022, my annual give up list.1. Giving up makes everyone happy.Not everyone will like it, and too much money can be a problem.The result of satisfying everyone is that you are not satisfied or happy. Someone else has already done it. Be yourself.2. Stop caring about what other people think.Other people are definitely not your friends, otherwise why would you worry about him looking at you differently?My friend doesn’t look down on me or he wouldn’t be my friend.3. Give up perfection.Don’t be “perfect” to procrastinate and be lazy, to find excuses not to start doing something well.Perfection doesn’t exist in itself, it’s just that many people are eager to be recognized and seen, so they try to use it to explain their worth.In fact, your value is defined by yourself, and what others think of you doesn’t matter at all.4. Give up doing everything on your own.You can enlist the support of others and the help of your team.Your emotions can be digested with others rather than carried alone.People who do everything independently think they have used up all their resources, but they don’t understand the principle of leverage.5. Give up anger control.Your anger, it can be vented.It doesn’t matter whether you have money, education or social status, you can be angry.It’s okay to be angry as long as you can take responsibility for it.Pass up opportunities for mediocrity.Don’t get too close to people who are “too smart” because they see opportunity as a way to do everything and do everything badly.Really smart people know what to do and what to let others do.The most important thing for us is to make clear what is important but not urgent and what can only be done by ourselves.Learn to give up, will make you want the so-called success, come faster and more stable.