In 2021, Zhuzhou’s economic report released A GDP of 342 billion yuan two years of average growth rate first in the province

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At the beginning of the “14th five-year plan”, Zhuzhou accelerated the “cultivation of famous manufacturing city, the construction of a happy Zhuzhou”, with “focus, fission, innovation, upgrade, brand” as the focal point, the initial results.The 2021 Zhuzhou economic report card released by the Municipal Bureau of Statistics shows that the city’s GDP reached 342.026 billion yuan, an increase of 8.3% over the previous year;With an average growth of 6.2% in the past two years, it ranks first in the province.Let’s start with industry.Zhuzhou to industry, industrial stability is stable economy.In 2021, the added value of the secondary industry was 162.768 billion yuan, up 8.8 percent from the previous year.Among them, the added value of large-scale industry increased by 11.7%, with an average growth of 8.3% in two years, ranking second in the province.The advanced manufacturing sector was strongly supported and maintained the “basic plate” of industry.The added value of the city’s manufacturing industry above designated size increased by 12.2%, among which, the added value of high-tech manufacturing industry increased by 14.4%, accounting for 12.5% of the added value of large-scale industry, driving the growth of large-scale industry by 1.7 percentage points.In particular, the manufacturing of computers, communications and other electronic equipment grew 15.9 percent.Scientific and technological innovation was accelerated, and new drivers of development continued to be unleashed.In 2021, the city realized the added value of high-tech industry of 101.611 billion yuan, ranking second in the province.Zhuzhou won the national specialized special new “little giant” enterprises up to 38, provincial specialized special new “little giant” enterprises up to 129, the total number of the second in the province.The city has achieved the technological innovation of small and medium-sized enterprises “breaking zero double” 189, ranking the third in the province.Reporter | Li Wenting