Japanese figure skating star Oda Noshunari queued for 4.5 hours to buy ice Dun Dun dun!Got it

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On February 19, Beijing time, retired Japanese figure skating star and yuzuru Hanyu’s iron friend Oda Nobushunari tweeted passionately, live broadcast of 4.5 hours in line to buy bingdwen Dwen heroic scene.Before waiting in line, Oda vowed that if he didn’t get one, he would “cry a storm in the middle of the media center.”Luckily, he ended up buying two limited edition bingdwen Dwen.For his looks and other reasons, oda nobuari, who is cute, has been nicknamed “monkey Dad” by his fans.Oda Noshunari is the 17th descendant of Oda Nobunaga, a famous Japanese war hero, who is also of noble descent.His previous best result was the 2005 World Junior Champion figure skater and the 2008 All-Japan champion figure skater.He was born in March 1987, just shy of his 35th birthday.Oda Nobusung has a very good personality, in the Japanese national team popularity is also very good, and Yuzuru Hanyu is an iron friend.This time he was supposed to be there as a coach or staff member.As he streamed the queue, he wrote: ‘Queued for an hour, moved forward 10 meters, but still 50 meters.I’m not sure if I can get one.”The queue so spectacular, naturally attracted a lot of media onlookers, shooting.When Oda stood in line for two hours, Nikko Sports approached him and said it wanted to film him standing in line, Oda wrote: “Naturally, I solemnly refused such a shameful request.”He said humorously that next time, he would like to ask some questions about sports.Three hours into the line, I’d run out of lattes, run out of battery for my Bluetooth headset, and Oda was almost at the door.After waiting in line for four and a half hours, Oda Nobuari tweeted that he had bought it!And it’s two ice blocks, one of which is a New Year special.”While staying the course does not always lead to the realization of your dreams, some miracles only happen to those who stay the course,” he wrote movingly.He thanked everyone for their support and temporarily changed his name to “Zhidun Dun”.