Story: In order to marry the rich man’s old girlfriend, he abandoned his good girlfriend, get a tragic end

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When Xiaojun first sees Shirley, he does not fall in love with her at all. Shirley is a slim and gentle girl, and although she looks dignified and elegant, she is not the type xiaojun likes.Xiaojun likes pretty, sexy and enthusiastic girls.Not only Shirley’s appearance does not conform to the standard of xiaojun, personality does not conform to Shirley is a quiet introverted girl.But Shirley has been secretly in love with Xiaojun, Xiaojun handsome, gentle personality, treat people very sincere.There are a lot of girls like Xiaojun, Shirley is the most humble one.Xiao Jun’s girlfriend is Fang Fei, the school’s flower, beautiful and charming, enthusiastic and unrestrained.Xiaojun never pays attention to Shirley. After graduating from college, he takes Fangfei to Shenzhen to work, while Shirley returns to her hometown, a small town south of the Yangtze River, and becomes a middle school teacher.After a year in Shenzhen, Xiaojun is brokenhearted, because Fangfei got on a big-money Mercedes Benz car, do not want to squeeze the bus with Xiaojun.Xiao Jun drowned his sorrows and became an alcoholic.Drink liquor in large quantities for a long time hurt the body, small jun got liver cirrhosis, vomit blood very severe.Xiao Jun thinks he can not live, very desperate.But then Shirley came to his side, she learned from the classmate at that time xiaojun’s address and recent situation, so to take care of him.Sherry bold poured out to small handsome to his love, but small handsome early to love disappointed, he wants to have a woman to take care of himself is also pretty good.Under the care of Shirley, Small Jun’s body gradually returns to normal.Originally small handsome and the day of Snow beautiful lead pretty good, but small handsome always feel life lacks what point, for example fervor love and the feeling that move, he does not love Snow beautiful, just have a woman to take care of to accept snow beautiful in the illness.Three years later, Xiao Jun meets Fang Fei in a luxury hotel, fang Fei marries a tycoon, divorces him again, and shares his property, becoming a rich woman.Fangfei also want to recover and xiaojun, xiaojun a little hesitant, fangfei directly find Shirley, said to Shirley a sum of money, let Shirley leave Xiaojun, Shirley refused.But fangfei does not give up, set a small trap, she deliberately asked xiaojun love Shirley, xiaojun said do not love, but he is grateful to Shirley.Fangfei recorded it and played it for Shirley.Shirley sad and go, left small Jun, back home.After Shirley left, small jun found himself really love Shirley.He goes looking for Shirley, Shirley does not see him, in a rainy night, when xiaojun is chasing Shirley, Shirley runs desperately, gave a car accident and die.Xiaojun is heartbroken, later in the friend’s persuasion to restore the courage to live.Now Xiaojun has been more than 30 years old, not married, because he can not forget Sherry to him.