Women’s board big jump history, Jung: want to let the world see the Chinese athletes have this strength

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Beijing (CNS) — 19-year-old Chinese snowboarder Rong Ge placed fifth in the women’s big jump final at the Beijing Winter Olympics on Sunday morning, the best result ever achieved by a Chinese snowboarder in the event.After the race, the girl said she was happy to “represent China in such a big competition and let the world see Chinese athletes have such strength,” according to Shanghai TV station Five Star Sports.This young athlete who made the circle by “turning out the cushion” has become the most “mysterious” Chinese athlete because of wearing ski goggles all the time in the competition. Today, in the interview area, the little girl who took off the helmet and ski goggles put on the national flag.
Jung, who was born in Jilin province in August 2002, went to Live in Canada with his mother when he was a child and fell in love with snowboarding, Beijing Daily client reported.She has said her brother helped her overcome her fear of flying and landing.Locally, Jung was discovered by Yasuhiro Sato, Su’s coach.During the Beijing Winter Olympics, Yasuhiro Sato posted a video on YouTube showing two young athletes practicing on the track.In the video, Jung shows off a handful of French at the request of his coach.In 2019, Jung announced that he would join the Chinese team, and began his international career in the same year. In 2019, he placed 5th in the snowboard slopestyle competition at the Australia-New Zealand International Federation of Snowboarding Competitions in Cardona.Jung has come a long way since joining the national training team last summer.She competed in three World Cup snowboard races and finished eighth in the big jump at the World Cup in Switzerland last October.Jung likes to share his training routine on Instagram.She also made a collection of videos of herself falling down.Jung’s participation in the Beijing Winter Olympics was his first trip to the Olympics.At the women’s snowboard slopestyle qualifying event on February 5, Jung placed 25th and failed to qualify for the final.According to Beijing Youth Daily, she said after the race that genting’s track was so good that she enjoyed it very much.Jung then talked to his family to adjust his attitude and prepare for the big jump.On February 14 (Beijing time), jung proudly shared a video of his final jump in the qualifying round on Instagram after learning that he had qualified for the grand platform final.On the same day, many people were shocked when she rushed out of the buffer and fell on her butt in excitement.Foreign media also reported the incident after the Chinese athlete landed successfully. Some netizens laughed and said, “This is really a world-class sports death.”On February 15, the women’s snowboard grand jump final was held at Shougang Grand Jump. Snowboarders need to complete three rounds of jumps and take the sum of the highest scores of two twists in different directions as the final score.In the first jump, Jung chose to challenge a 1080 inside turn of the right foot, but failed to land. He only got 29 points and placed eighth.In the second round, she did not choose the less difficult movement for stability, but still turned 1080 on her right foot in the last jump, and scored 85.75 points after one successful stroke.In the third round, Jung played steadily under pressure and scored 74.25 points.In the end, Jung ranked fifth with a total score of 160, creating the best result for a Chinese female snowboarder in this event at the Winter Olympics.According to China Youth Daily, Jung said in an interview after the race:”The fifth place is actually a result that I am very satisfied with. I have never participated in any competitions before, but I have represented The Chinese team in the Winter Olympics. I am really satisfied with this result.”She added: ‘It doesn’t really bother me, it’s a normal thing, it’s the same as the second one, and I made a mistake on the first one but I landed pretty close so I’m pretty confident.'”I didn’t really put too much pressure on myself today, just enjoy the atmosphere of the final, just have fun.To represent China in such a big competition as the Winter Olympics, let the world see that Chinese athletes have such strength.Then it’s about being the best you can be.”Jung mentioned that although training is hard and hard, she loves the sport and doesn’t find it hard.Girl said happily, the winter Olympics is also a harvest, that’s got to know many new friends, see the highest difficulty and challenge other players have success, also feel happy for them, this also motivate yourself in the future challenge more difficult action, “I and my idol Zoi (New Zealand players zoe Mr Sinnott,,,A gold medal and a silver medal at the Beijing Winter Olympics.According to Chinanews.com, After his trip to the Winter Olympics, Jung revealed that he would “recuperate first”. “I have ankle and waist injuries, and the team doctor has given me a lot of help. Then I plan to resume training in the summer.”As for his next steps, Jung revealed: “I’m going to university in Canada, but I’m keeping my major a secret.”This article is an exclusive article, shall not be reproduced without authorization.