AG2-3 lost to DYG, S group may lose B group, a nuo 1 game crazy send more than ten heads

2022-04-28 0 By

Game 3 of the last game day of week 2 of the 2022 KPL Spring Regular season has been decided.And the final result of the game is: AG super game will be 2 to 3 points lost to DYG!Before this game started, almost everyone thought AG super game would be in the bag and clinch group S through this victory. After all, DYG has lost two games in a row to start the season, and also lost six games in a row, even the first win of the small game.What’s the result?The more you expect the CLUB to disappoint you, the more it will disappoint you.Have to say, the MVP of this game without suspense, must give a promise, any other person to take are not appropriate!Why do you say that?Is there anything else to watch or watch in this game?Let’s move on!AG super game will lose two games in a row, group S is basically gone, there is a possibility of losing group B AG super game will win two games in a row on the first Monday of the regular season, almost everyone thought that the familiar AG super game would be back!The result?Too much joy begets sorrow!AG will lose both games in week 2 of the regular season. It is understandable that AG will lose to WE, but it is outrageous that AG will lose to DYG and force DYG to warm up.AG super game will go from “2-0” to “2-2”, do you know what this means?This means not only does AG have little chance of making Group S, but they may even drop group B if they don’t win the last game.AG super games in week 2 of the regular season these two losses, “the biggest” that must be a no!A nuo crazy sent more than a dozen heads in a game, forced to send warm AG super play with DYG this battle, friends can know a nuo sent how many heads?A dozen or even close to twenty!Yi Nuo’s Gongsun sent five, Yi Nuo’s Li Yuanfang sent six, the other three games will not say!One of the gongsun from the beginning of the poor hand, can not play out reluctantly can be forced to explain.But AG super play will be in the “0-2” start, it is not easy to rely on the early morning, Maoshen and other players play, forced the score into the “2-2”, the results in the most critical BO5, Yi Nuo li Yuanfang forced to send six times!Often AG super play will be ready to play, a nuo Li Yuanfang immediately sent off his own rhythm, the same thing, a nuo repeated at least five times.Even if a nuo Li Yuanfang sent less a head, maybe AG super play will be successful let two chase three!This game, MVP can only give one noo, the others are not suitable!This promise is really a bit off the mark!I guess even Enoch fans can’t watch it anymore, right?Personal opinion: AG super game will fight DYG, if the DEVELOPMENT path of AG super game is not a promise, but someone else, AG super game will probably not lose.AG super play will start from the “2-0” to “2-2”, from the start almost stable S group to now almost likely to drop B group, a promise to their own pot back well!With this kind of performance, in other teams, he would have worn out the bench, that is, in the AG super games, he can always sit firmly in the starting lineup.Fortunately, the head coach of AG super game club this season is Zhang Jiao, I hope Zhang Jiao can give aurora a chance in the next game, this promise is really too ridiculous!Guys, what do you think of the performance of AG super Games vs. DYG?Do you think Yino should be replaced?Feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments below!Be there or be square in the comments section!