During the Spring Festival holiday, fuzhou Guling Tourism Resort will carry out traffic control

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Lunar New Year holiday will come, 2022 tourists to ensure life safety and body health, spent together a happy and happy holiday, now the drum hill resort holiday resort management notice is as follows: 1, the current limit control low during the Spring Festival (January 31 – February 6) : resort when achieving the maximum bearing capacity by 75%, temporarily closed resort entryway.At the same time, according to the background system traffic flow, people flow situation, cooperate with the public security, traffic police and other departments to take temporary traffic control.Time and area of New Year’s Eve control: From 19:00 on January 31 to 3:00 on February 1, guling to Yongquansi road will be closed.● Hierarchical control: when the parking space of Zhuli scenic spot is close to saturation, tourists’ vehicles will be controlled at the Bank of China intersection, and the vehicles will be guided to park in nandaemun parking lot.When the parking space in the core area is close to saturation, the tourist vehicles are controlled at keshejing intersection and guided to zhuli special road to park on one side.When the parking space of Zhuli road is close to saturation, the tourist vehicles are controlled at the Intersection of Guolun and guided to the parking lot of Jiahu.Citizens and tourists are requested to pay attention to the notice of the resort in time, and according to the actual situation, travel by different peak, choose reasonable means of transportation, and enter the resort.● Remind the general public and tourists to continue to tighten the string of epidemic prevention and control, do a good job of personal protection, do “wear masks, protect the distance, do not gather”.Personnel whose body temperature exceeds 37.3℃ shall be handled according to the emergency plan.● Due to crowd gathering, the indoor venues will implement traffic restriction and limited opening measures. When visitors enter the indoor venues at off-peak, please scan the stickers, show the big data travel code, take their temperature with the staff, and wear masks.● When eating, please scan the post code in the store, show the big data travel code, take the temperature, and more than 10 people are forbidden to eat together.Do “one dish one serving chopsticks, one soup one male spoon”, suggest the implementation of separate meals.● Visitors should cooperate with the staff to verify their travel history, scan code, measure temperature, register with real name, and disinfect the hotel, b&B and villa in the area.3, Pay attention to traffic safety ● When traveling, take regular public transportation, do not carry prohibited items.Before getting on the bus, measure the temperature according to the requirements, scan the area car post code, show the trip code, green code can take the bus.Fasten your seat belt while driving.● Self-drive travel to eliminate fatigue driving and drunk driving, control the speed, pay attention to comity.Do not park along the main road of the resort, park according to the regulations.4, Pay attention to fire safety ● Open fire, smoking and setting off fireworks are prohibited in the field.When staying in b&B hotels, tourists should know evacuation channels, safety exits and other escape routes, do not smoke in bed, do not throw cigarette butts.● Resort operators need to make emergency plans, fire and electricity management, personnel training and drills, fire facilities and safety operation guarantee, and do a good job in civil air defense, physical defense and technical defense measures to maximize the ability of the site to resist fire.● Please consciously abide by the safety management regulations and order of the resort, civilized and orderly tour.Protect cultural relics and historic sites, do not carve graffiti, do not speak loudly, do not litter everywhere.● It is forbidden to climb rock walls, climb trees and climb over barriers in the resort, and tourists are not allowed to enter the non-tourist areas.Parents who bring their children into the scenic area should supervise their children and take good care of their belongings.● When you are lost or in danger, don’t rush blindly, but get help in time.In case of sudden danger, we should keep calm, apply for rescue in time, and actively carry out self-rescue and mutual rescue.● If you need help during the tour, please call The Comprehensive Service Center of Guling Resort at 0591-83669008 or mountain rescue at 18860169595.Notice is hereby given.Fuzhou Guling Tourism Resort Management Committee January 28, 2022