Old people do not want to adapt to hearing AIDS should do?

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Look in many old people, senile sex deafness belongs to “physiological phenomenon”, the person is old, occurrence this kind of circumstance is very normal.As everyone knows, poor hearing will not only bring great inconvenience to life, but also over a long period of time, may be unable to hear, become unwilling to listen, from unwilling to listen, become unwilling to say, and eventually appear psychosomatic diseases.Old people do not want to adapt to hearing AIDS should do?How can the elderly adapt to wearing hearing AIDS as soon as possible?Many elderly people with hearing loss refuse to wear hearing AIDS because they are difficult to adapt, resulting in accelerated hearing loss and affecting quality of life.Understanding the reasons why the elderly are not willing to wear hearing AIDS Because of the poor adaptability of the elderly, the acceptance of new things may not be as fast as young people, so the adaptation of hearing AIDS can not be completed overnight.As children, we should carefully understand the specific reasons why the elderly do not want to wear hearing AIDS. It is not able to operate, not able to wear or hearing aid sound is not good. After understanding the situation, we should try our best to help the elderly to solve the problem.To see how the old man’s hearing aid is matched.For example, online or in the drugstore to buy, because there is no professional debugging, so from the hearing aid sound is very noisy;Old people can’t get used to it.Accompany the elderly to adapt to hearing AIDS to solve all the problems, you need children to accompany the elderly to adapt to hearing AIDS.Slowly speak to the old man at a normal volume, not too fast, and try to speak clearly when you speak.Usually free to talk to the elderly, accompany the elderly at the same time, but also to help him adapt to hearing AIDS as soon as possible.Make a 4-week rehabilitation plan for the elderly, let the elderly slowly implement, and urge the elderly to wear every day.The volume gradually increases the elderly just wear hearing AIDS do not turn the sound too loud.Hearing AIDS can amplify all sounds, hearing loss of the elderly living in a “quiet environment” for a long time, suddenly hear a variety of sounds outside will be very uncomfortable, bored, and even resistance.Therefore, the elderly in the early wearing hearing aid volume should be moderately small, to be used to gradually increase.The time from short to long elderly wear hearing AIDS have a certain adaptation period.In the early stage of hearing aid wearing, there is a difference between the sound heard and the original hearing. Therefore, it takes 1 to 3 months for the elderly to get used to hearing AIDS.During the adaptation period, the wearing time of hearing aid should not be too long, a few minutes each time, and then gradually extend the time after the ear habit.Wearing hearing AIDS, family members with hearing AIDS, the elderly will hear some environmental sounds that could not be heard before, such as the sound of water pipes, the rotation of exhaust fans, walking footsteps, etc., will feel too noisy.Many old people will be bored by this.At this time should tell the old man, he can hear the sound is a good thing, prove that the hearing is improved, not used to only temporary, slowly can adapt to, encourage the old man to spend the adaptation period.In fact, after experiencing the help of hearing AIDS, most old people will insist on wearing hearing AIDS, after all, it can let them communicate more smoothly, so that their old life is more rich.We also hope that children can spend more time with the elderly at home, give them more patience and care, sometimes they need not only a pair of hearing AIDS, but also hope to have family members to accompany!