The boy felt the warmth and gentleness of the opposite sex and decided not to cheat again

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I wait for you in the distance (58), 58, refused to a person hard to notice xiao da Jin Yunfei obviously do have worry, boy although before and you together always silent, but quickly is also cool expression on his face, but today he frown upset, she thought xiao da dry because of body reason to influence the exertion test just in a bad mood, will comfort way:”Afternoon exam math is very difficult, I feel test 80 very good, several people in our examination room said to faint, which have seen so rare topic ah?Don’t you worry about that?”Shodagan habitually scratched the back of his head and mechanically replied, “Very difficult!”Kim yun-fei chuckled, “Normal heart!Common heart!Anyway, we will accompany the prince to study in this exam. Even if we pass the exam, we may not go to study, right?”Shodagan still nodded. ‘Yes!’Then he refused to speak.Jin yunfei sighed, “How did you get sunstroke?Does it have something to do with not getting enough rest?By the way, they sell popsicles. I’ll buy you a Popsicle.”Xiao Dagan quickly waved his hand: “No!”Jin Yunfei had rushed to the front, where there is a large golden deer bike after carry with white wooden box, wooden box, with red wrote a big “Popsicle” two words, half-open wooden cases can see inside is white quilt, sell Popsicle’s uncle was a middle-aged, he saw a business, busy loudly shouted: “green, red bean Popsicle ice and sweet!Five cents a stick!”Jin Yunfei smiled and said, “Uncle, what time is this?You’re so expensive before it’s dark!If you can’t sell it, it will melt!Make it cheaper!”The uncle also laughed and said, “Ok!There are five left. You can have them all!But eat slowly, so you don’t have a stomachache!”Jin Yunfei quickly took out a dime to pass over: “thank uncle!”Uncle took out the Popsicle, sure enough, some have begun to melt less half, Jin Yunfei took over and first handed xiao da dry two: “fast, a hand a, take to eat, special treatment for heat stroke, very smart!”Xiao Dagan quickly take over, two ice lollies are actually two flavors, one is cream, white and tender in a little yellow, eating in the mouth is thick cream flavor, the other is mung bean paste, a light mung bean flavor, big summer evening, eat such refreshing things let people have a feeling.Xiao dagan’s whole afternoon of tension and fatigue seemed to be reduced a lot, he finished three bites of mung bean popsicles, cream slowly in his mouth, let the cold clear the dry air on the body.Jin Yunfei passed another one: “Here, I’ll give you another red fruit, sour, sweet and delicious!”Shodagan was not very polite, and only asked, when he received it, ‘Why don’t you eat it?’Jin yunfei blushed and said, “What are you asking? Eat it. I like to see you eat it.Xiao Dagan nodded, Jin Yunfei smile smile than popsicles can also make his mood calm, he has figured it out, to help Yang Erni so once, behind can not be so risky.If he is really caught, all his previous efforts will be wasted. Since he has made up his mind, he decides not to bother about this matter any more. He puts the whole Popsicle into his mouth, looking a little funny.Here’s another one!”Five Popsicle successively into the shaw dagan’s belly, he have the urge to go to the toilet, but the mental fatigue, ease down, he’s a little regret at noon to Yang two ni impulse, but it passed, and still not happened was found will be a secret, as only they know the secret of two people, he again is filled with the vitality of youth, walking with the wind,Let Jin Yunfei a little catch up with him: “You slow down!Why, where do you think you’re going?”Shodagan did not know where he wanted to go, he just wanted to run a few steps, preferably somewhere to have a swim, so that his sweat stains washed thoroughly: “I will take you home, where is your aunt’s house?”Jin Yunfei’s face was like a peach blossom in March: “You also live in my aunt’s house.I told her about you, my brother’s room is unoccupied, and you can drive me back to Ditch town after the exam tomorrow, okay?”Xiao dry has basic recovered herself, he think will begin the final exam next week after the start of his one, back to GouZi town is not necessary, but since Jin Yunfei openings, then promised to her, but is living in her aunt’s house tonight I’m sorry, but he is worried about another problem, that is in the evening two Yang ni will again go to single dormitory to find myself,Let him take the exam tomorrow to change the paper, although Xiao Dagan decided not to lend a helping hand, but he also knows his problems, that is difficult to refuse others face to face, simply intend to escape Yang Erni.”Is it convenient to stay at your aunt’s house?” he said hesitantly.Kim yun-fei laughed, “Of course!Let’s go to her house now. My aunt is waiting for me.”Shaw dagan had expected that’s right, Yang two ni indeed as expected to find him again at night, in the math exam paper of the success of the stimulus to the two Yang ni ambition, she want to tomorrow’s English exam by xiao dry strength, she can rest easy, just very strange, she went back and forth two trips, shaw up to dry all didn’t in the dormitory, Yang two understand: the boy in the hide yourself!She was angry again, and even so angry that she did not sleep all night, but she went to the boys’ dormitory again the next morning, but still did not see Xiao Dagan. She was unwilling to go outside the examination room early and so on.Normal test is start at 9 o ‘clock, but a lot of students at eight o ‘clock came, small test the middle age of the common technical secondary school, basically is rural people, also some boys beard is black, what do you think how to don’t like a junior high school students, there is also a shave their heads, very accord with thinning the reason, and this kind of “fake monk” corresponding is some men, long hair curled her hair to cover the eyes,This would be called an artist in the city, but in the countryside, because hair is rarely washed, it gives off a bad smell and occasionally an insect or two flies out of the hair, which looks a bit abnormal.Yang Erni looked at a circle from these people, and did not see Xiao Dry, she found a brick to sit on reading, also listen to others talk about yesterday’s exam.Is almost universally accepted: math is so hard this year, the topic of one hundred 20 don’t say out, is it is difficult to mark, a few operatives to take an examination of more than four or five times small technical secondary school, they said the mathematics is a door in the most difficult, but there are benefits, a difficult other subjects is relatively easy, so for the rest of the subject today is full of confidence.Some say that mathematics is the watershed, and those with high scores will be admitted.Yang two ni itching, although in the paper yesterday, but she doesn’t know to go the whole hog shaw answer how, but she is a mess, some own certain score no more than half, the other is a game of luck, see how his luck, no, see xiao da did more accurate description of luck.Think of here Yang Erni more a little more calm, her eyes toward the direction of the far door, this person how not to ah?Xiao dry late, he lived in the last night Jin Yunfei aunt to arrange place, although the niece with male students don’t like to go to bed aunt home, to see xiao dry was a 14 or 15 children also didn’t care about, but it is not convenient at home to sleep, she arranged for shaw and dry to go to a nearby bank the rest in the office, there is a bed also have fan,Conditions are much better than boys’ dormitories.Xiao Dagan fell asleep there, and Kim Yunfei didn’t say anything, but he was thinking about something.Although conditions is very comfortable, but shaw up to dry at night sleep is not too good, think more night somewhat dream, he do all night was caught by the supervisor of a nightmare, the dream he and Yang two ni would be displayed to the podium, the supervisor suddenly became a junior high school teacher guo the image of the blind, in his roars, say to want to fire him, make him a lifetime farmers, while Jin Yunfei cry pear flower take rain in the distance,Shodagan felt a kind of heartache. He did not want the girl he liked to cry. He could not do this kind of thing again.The next morning when Jin Yunfei came to find Shodagan, she found him gone. She shook her head: This guy got up early.However, when she arrived at the examination room, she did not find Xiao Dagan, a little worried.Until the moment before the test, Xiao Dagan ran over, with the examination room Yang Erni face is very dark.