Well deserved!Fan Zhiyi of the Women’s soccer team was crowned MVP, setting three records, and fans were angry to praise: Chinese female cattle

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In the case of the injury of the top star Wang Shuang, Wang Shanshan stepped forward, whether against Japan or South Korea, has fully reflected the great role of the long team.Thanks to her outstanding performance in the tournament, Wang shanshan was crowned the MVP of the Asian Cup and deserved it.Wang shanshan, nicknamed “Fan Zhiyi of Women’s Soccer”, showed her versatility and leadership skills as a swingman.Wang Shanshan, 32, is a veteran of the Chinese women’s soccer team.Early in her career, Wang shanshan played as a central defender, but under Hao Wei’s transformation, she was moved to a forward position, which brought out her full offensive potential.Since then, whether Bruno, Jia Xiuquan coach, Wang Shanshan are playing forward, even because of and Wang Shuang in the offensive end of the outstanding partner, known as the “Wang fried combination” fans.However, Wang Shanshan as a guard instinct has not lost.In the group stage of the Asian Cup, Wang shanshan played as a striker and scored four goals.In the first world war with Vietnam, The Chinese team lost the ball carelessly at the beginning, exposing the hidden danger of the back defense.It is because of this game, let Water Qingxia firm let Wang Shanshan back to the idea of defence.In the semi-final against Japan, Shui Qingxia made a major adjustment. In the case that Wang Shuang was injured and could not play, she changed the formation of the team to 442, and withdrew Wang Shanshan to replace Li Jiayue and partner Wang Xiaoxue as the central defensive team.As it turns out, Wang Shanshan’s position change is the key to the Chinese team’s reversal.Her quick catch-up ability and rich tournament experience, often help the team out of danger.In the last minute of extra time, she broke into the penalty area again with a free kick to help her team equalise.Penalty shootout, Wang Shanshan is as the last player, calm penalty kick, personally eliminated the Japanese team.The final against South Korea, Wang Shanshan no suspense again sit back defense.Despite trailing by two goals at half-time, China still did not give up, scoring twice in the second half and almost losing in the final minute of regular time.Stoppage stage, Shui Qingxia sacrifice win, Wang Shanshan back to the front line, become the team attack fulcrum, which greatly enriched the team’s tactical system.The 3rd minute of added time, it is Wang Shanshan frontcourt sent exquisite straight plug, assist Xiao Yuyi to kill.Against Japan and South Korea, Wang Shanshan played a huge role in the front court or the back court. She was able to attack and defend and became the fan Zhiyi of women’s football, leading the team to win the Asian championship.With the excellent performance of the Asian Cup, Wang Shanshan created three records: 1. The MVP of the Asian Cup for the first time;2. Contributed 5 goals and 1 assist in the competition, creating the best result in the Asian Cup. She only scored 1 goal in the last Asian Cup.3. Led the Chinese women’s football Team to win the championship for the first time as the captain.The excellent performance of The Chinese women’s football team in the Asian Cup has also won widespread praise from fans.After the game, Chinese fans went to the Chinese women’s football official again to praise: “The key change, the magic change, the goalkeeper’s crucial save at the end!Women’s soccer girls will always be sonorous roses, all rely on women’s soccer pull honor!You should be treated as you have achieved!””Chinese women are cows!We are the champions!”