Binzhou Network affair early know (2.5)

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Start of Spring begins on Feb 4, The start of spring, the first of the 24 solar terms in the Lunar calendar, symbolizing the beginning of the New Year.Qilu land people in different ways to welcome the spring naji, bless the future.The staff of The Boyiyuan Pension Service Center in Wudi County made spring rolls with colorful fresh vegetables and lotus leaf cakes to let the elderly “taste spring” and welcome the New Year.(source: Shandong News broadcast) Binzhou special police detachment: winning magic weapon – hard training, technology can climb obstacles, explosive disposal, accurate shooting, heroic enemy……Binzhou special police detachment has a lot of “look at home”, but also a lot of “look at home baby”, which uav equipment and technology is special police detachment of the “signboard” one.Advanced equipment support for special patrol detachment “like a tiger with wings added”, hard training for special patrol members to become “downhill tiger”.In 2021, the special patrol detachment of Binzhou Public Security Bureau participated in various duties nearly 100 times, effectively maintaining economic and social stability.(Source: Wutong Community, Binbei Street) Binbei Street in-depth carry out practical activities for the masses, continue to build community talk ventricle, promote the solution of urgent problems around the masses, comprehensively improve residents’ happiness.Binbei street wutong community like environmental health, family conflicts, neighborhood disputes and other issues, we can talk about ventricle spit it out.Every day, a community staff member is on duty to receive residents’ visits. The community has clear responsibilities for the problems we reflect and handles them within a limited time, so that everything can be secured and each one has an echo.Since the beginning of winter, the temperature has been falling continuously, which has adversely affected the construction of zhanlin Expressway.In order to ensure the completion of boxing North Interchange, the largest transportation hub project in the third standard project, the staff overcame the impact of low temperature and worked overtime to ensure the quality and quantity of the deadline.(Source: Bo Xing News) Wudi:Traditional culture into the games national snow and ice to upsurge on the morning of February 3, in order to strengthen the masses of ice and snow sports, culture, youth opera actors chih-chieh chang will sichuan opera face back to his hometown wudi, held in a local ski resort it the ancient city of colorful, welcomed the vagaries of the games, culture, sichuan opera face flash activity for the games athletes cheer.Zhanhua: a toddler in a convulsive coma staged a 10-minute “speed of life and death” on February 1, binzhou municipal public Security Bureau Zhanhua branch xiawa police cooperation area police patrol on the road, encountered people for help, the child in a coma need to be sent to hospital.The police immediately sounded the siren, lit up the lights, quickly rushed to the hospital, then the relevant situation to the command center report, and contact the hospital to receive the patient ready, only 10 minutes to successfully escort the child to the hospital, open the “life channel” for the child.(source: lightning) YangXin: another New Year on February 1, “mass”, bathed in the joy of New Year, yangxin Cai Wang gold-sun street shop village more than 100 villagers gathered to listen to the New Year blessing, “sympathy activities, theatrical performances, celebrated a special New Year celebration, its all about activities, presented a wonderful audio-visual feast.Several special cultural teams organized by the villagers performed 20 artistic performances, including singing, dancing, yangko, gong and drum and other forms of artistic expression.The Spring Festival at the door of Binzhou is more pleasant. The Spring Festival is breezily sunny and full of spring.Citizens immersed in the holiday, out of the house to enjoy the warm breeze in the sun.In zhonghai Scenic Area, in xinlihe Park fitness square, people in a variety of ways of entertainment, relaxation.(Source: Binzhou Daily)