Changan Mazda Yuanxiao joy GO to the end

2022-04-29 0 By

The year of 2021 has waved away, the year of 2022 is coming, the future can be expected. Changan Mazda Welcomes the New Year with blessing in advance.This week’s special MAZDA CX-4 Blue Sky Vitality edition 13xx yuan snapped up MAZDA Atz 2.5 Sport /2.0 Deluxe editionChangan Mazda prepared a rich New Year “gift” New Year goods festival, peak shenghui, Thanksgiving with you, cost-effective car carnival fervent open we accompany you together chang Hi New Year!Must have!To prepare!Pick up!Recruit!★ During the event, booking customers enjoy 5000 yuan car purchase gift package original factory full synthetic oil only 999 yuan ★ monthly special car limited time grab comprehensive discount 30,000 yuan ★ a car with three coupe SUV comprehensive discount up to 20000 yuan ★36 period 0 interest rate, daily for 83 yuan ★ free second-hand car evaluation,At 6000 yuan subsidies taken the old with the new replacement will be $500 oil painted card big customers employees painted an extra 3000 yuan preferential booking registration, during the activity to the shop test drive a yantai dacheng exquisite gifts, golden horse one hundred brand originality, passing on a car | car | car ownership | | | financial insurance replacement “one-stop” work style service address: shandong yantai zhifu district no. 168