Latest announcement!Pingyang delimited containment area, control area, prevention area scope

2022-04-29 0 By

On the afternoon of January 29, the Leading group of COVID-19 prevention and control in Pingyang County issued a notice. In view of the emergency situation that a positive person in Binjiang District of Hangzhou had attended a wedding banquet in Pingyang, Pingyang designated the containment area, control area and prevention area:International Hotel and Xingao Garden are enclosed control areas, and the enclosed areas south of Xingao Middle Road, east of Haiguan South Road, north of Licheng West Road, west of Chezhan Avenue and south of Shudong Road, east of Chezhan Avenue, north of Xingao Middle Road and west of Lantian Road are enclosed control areas.East Garden Road – south of Kun ‘ao Avenue, east of Liu Xia Road, north of Ao Middle Road, west of Zhicheng Road, north of Xing ‘ao Middle Road, west of Ge Chao Road for the prevention area.The details of the circular are as follows:Notice (No. 82) In view of the emergency situation that the positive patients in binjiang District of Hangzhou had once attended a wedding banquet in Pingyang, pingyang International Hotel and Xingao Garden have been determined as the restricted control areas by the expert group in accordance with relevant national, provincial and municipal regulations on epidemic prevention and control.Xing aojiang south of middle road, south road, east of customs, Li Cheng road, west of Station Road, eventually encircle and start east road, south of the station north of aojiang avenue east, xing road, west of kai tin road, through to control area, aojiang avenue south garden east road, kunming, under the willow road east, north of rock road, west of chengyang road, hing north of rock road, west of dove nest road to prevent area.The relevant matters are hereby notified as follows: 1. The containment area shall strictly implement the management measures of “closed isolation, staying indoors, door-to-door service”, and arrange the staff to patrol on duty 24 hours a day.2. Personnel only enter and do not leave the controlled area. It is strictly forbidden for people to gather together.3. Do not leave the area unless necessary. If you really need to go in and out for medical treatment or special business, you must present relevant certificates from local prevention and control departments.Four, the county strictly restricted the gathering of people, closed bars, BARS, KTV, mahjong, chess and card rooms, bathrooms, natatorium, game hall, video game hall, indoor attractions, secret room escape, table game room, Internet cafes, cinemas, scenic spots and religious places and other public places;In other public places, communities and transportation vehicles, measures such as temperature measurement, code scanning, wearing masks and disinfection shall be strictly implemented and the number of personnel shall be reasonably controlled.Five, the county strictly implement the delay of weddings, funerals and banquets.Rural cultural auditorium, religious places, larger rural venues such as hosting banquet and rural chefs on the home service hosting banquet.County hotels, restaurants to cancel meals, encourage customers to take away consumption.Shut down the county’s large complex.County party and government organs, enterprises and institutions, business (association) will cancel the group worship, collective sympathy, annual meeting, get-togethers, dinner and other activities.Those who do not obey the containment management shall be dealt with according to law, and those who are suspected of committing a crime shall be investigated for criminal responsibility according to law.Pingyang County COVID-19 Prevention and Control Leading Group January 29, 2022 (Source: Pingyang County COVID-19 Prevention and Control Leading Group)