Mortal xiuxian information exposure, two people were destroyed iron luo escape, five friends retreat, he changed to recognize

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Blink of an eye to “mortal Xiuxian biography” animation updates the new information of the day, the current stage of this work has been out of the 15th set.And according to the new 16 sets of information, the book’s second big climax over the battle of the palace is finally to come, the next together to analyze it.01 two people were destroyed iron luo escape first of all to say is black evil spirit teach three group, the last episode Han Li has found their peripheral stronghold, and then one by one to find out pulled out, also alerted the black evil spirit teach one of the four blood shi Iron luo.Little prince two people thought there was iron luo sitting, Han Li and others how also can not escape from their hands, who knows really fight up, be destroyed instead of them.Forced to choose small prince and palace housekeeper, and after the magic is increased strength, but the whole person will become not ghost, and will gradually lose sanity.Finally two people fiasco, and palace housekeeper because before destroyed the ink house, directly by ink color ring grudge, Han Li and bear the feeling of beauty, naturally want to revenge for her.So do not have to this housekeeper a bit polite, take him to set out a word to use the law of search soul to him, after Han Li stems from caution, also used the law of search soul to small wang Ye, poor these two people become an idiot at this point, finally even a whole corpse did not stay.As for Iron, this guy is fated, Han Li used several treasures, but also destroyed the sky bell, but still did not leave him, let him escape, so let black evil teach to prepare, until later Han Li with elder brothers to go, can be said to be heavy casualties.02 Mengshan five friends exit, five sister was forcibly deleted and then mengshan five friends, after beating Iron luo, there is no what they do, and they also have no strength, can not help what help, so Han Li chose to practice for them.But really to say, in fact, strictly speaking only four friends, because the original five friends of the last five sister do not know for what reason to delete, directly let five people into four people.At that time, I was still surprised, and started a discussion with some mortal fans, and they said it was five friends. If it was four friends, then the eldest brother of Mengshan Five friends should say four friends, not five friends.But when I saw meng Shan and Iron luo and others fighting, I really suspected that the so-called five sister was officially deleted, but there are still fans insist that the five sister is still in, perhaps was imprisoned by black evil religion, perhaps she first defected to the enemy.But now the official to the new intelligence out, you can see in the picture han Li has been to mengshan five friends practice, also sent out a variety of Dan for them to choose.But what about the so-called fifth sister?By this time, mengshan five friends have to leave the stage without drama, but still can not see the last five sister, that 100 percent of the official must be deleted.As for why, in fact, it is understandable, after all, the official modeling of female characters is really not good at, many fans have joked that now everyone is Chen shijie, the audience who were not originally blind to face now feel blind to face, so why not delete the fifth sister, also save trouble.03 green grain to recognize the final is green grain, from the new information, after iron luo fled in confusion, he immediately went to the headquarters to see the black evil Lord, explained the situation.It was also at this time that the four blooders of Blackshak appeared.It is worth mentioning that these four blood sages were all monks in the Ji period, among which there was an old acquaintance of Han Li, Qingwen Daochang.However, after watching these four people, I can’t tell which one is the Taoist Director of Green stripes. After all, there are too many changes in the second season. Even the model of ink color ring has been changed into Sister Chen, and the model of green stripes has also been changed, but I don’t know which one is him.Well, this issue on the chat here, I hope you can like oh, picture source network, assault delete.If you like this article, welcome to like, comment and share oh, thank you for your support, later will continue to update the wonderful animation content oh, if you have different opinions, welcome to leave a message oh.