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On February 3, the third day, families are still immersed in the reunion of the festival, the National People’s Congress, shandong jining city surabaya Wei springs county miao guan town village, village doctor qing-min liu after breakfast, drive to surabaya county, north of one thousand town of zhe ditch research clay culture industry development situation, to prepare to submit on behalf of the national two meetings this year.Into the pottery mine, out of the kiln, to see the technology, test products, Liu Qingmin walked, while asking, while thinking.At around 8 PM, when he was nearly 60 years old, he returned home. Without rest, he wrote suggestions with paper and pen in combination with his accumulation and thinking about the problems of health care. A proposal on Excavating the Series of clay products of Health care in Sishui County was soon completed.This is just an epitome of Representative Liu Qingmin’s performance of his duties.Since liu Qingmin was elected as a deputy to the National People’s Congress in 2018, he has never stopped his steps to understand social conditions and public opinion and speak for the people. He has stepped farther and faster in the mountain village.Over the past four years, he has conducted research on rural medical care, talent, health care and other primary health care topics, and formulated 26 suggestions for deputies to the NPC. He is known as a “productive primary representative”.In Surabaya, Liu Qingmin is a big name.He has been practicing medicine in the mountainous area for more than 40 years, adhering to the medical philosophy of “24 hours to receive medical treatment and pay for treatment first”, and doing his best to protect the health of 1880 villagers in 8 villages under his jurisdiction, winning the trust of local villagers.”The people elected me as a representative, and I am a representative for the people.”As a rural doctor, Liu qingmin believes that a good NPC deputy should be rooted in rural areas, based on his own work, and speak for grassroots people.Suggestions on Increasing the Construction of Private Medical Institutions, Suggestions on Strengthening the Training of Village doctors to Boost rural Revitalization, Suggestions on Improving the capacity of Rural medical services…He put forward a proposal, caused the attention of the relevant departments, received a warm response from the society.Since then, Liu Qingmin’s performance of his duties has become wider and wider, and the quality of his suggestions has been continuously improved.The content includes promoting the implementation of the development and management system of TRADITIONAL Chinese medicine, regulating the disorderly market of health care products, including the protection of minors’ rights and interests into the scope of public interest litigation cases, and paying attention to the problems of the elderly left alone in rural areas…Every piece of advice comes with a life temperature.Opening a file box in the bookcase of his clinic, a stack of thank-you notes from various departments, including the former general office of the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Finance and the Supreme People’s Court, emerged.Every day to visit the village, Liu Qingmin know the people’s sufferings.Since the winter of 2010, he has been providing free treatment to elderly people who visit health clinics in his district.After discussing with his family, he took care of the lives of seven lonely elderly people all the year round.Gradually, he came up with the idea of building a service station that could accommodate the sick and disabled.At the national Two Sessions in 2021, he submitted “Suggestions on the Support of the Elderly in Rural areas”, suggesting that the whole society create a good atmosphere of caring for the elderly, filial piety parents;Children who, for various reasons, fail to fulfill their support obligations and seize their parents’ subsidies and pensions shall be corrected by means of legal education, judicial supervision, joint mediation and credit punishment.In the case of a large number of elderly groups such as extremely poor old people, disabled and mentally disabled old people, and elderly people living alone, we should further optimize the income and expenditure of urban endowment insurance fund according to the actual situation in rural areas, and gradually improve the security function of rural endowment.The Ministry of Civil Affairs attached great importance to this and gave a written reply to Representative Liu Qingmin in August 2021, expressing that it would further study and formulate relevant measures to support the elderly in rural areas.Shandong Provincial Civil Affairs Department issued the policy of “revolving house + Happy home” to care for the elderly, and made it clear that the construction of village-level public service facilities for the elderly will be given certain policy subsidies.Encouraged by the positive feedback from the government, Liu decided to raise funds to build the Happiness Home in Kumaquan Village as a way to explore a new model for rural elderly care in the context of rural revitalization.Relying on the medical resources of kumaquan Village Health center, he plans to transfer the elderly and the disabled from the surrounding villages to the happiness Center for the elderly, and implement the mode of “medical + pension”.With a total investment of 1.15 million yuan and a planned area of 600 square meters, the happiness Hospital has 10 standard rooms, including clinic, restaurant, bath room and activity room, which can accommodate 20 elderly people living alone.At present, the construction of this project is close to the end, will be put into use.More gratifying to Liu Qingmin is that his son Liu Zhuangzhuang inherited his father’s career and became a young village doctor in Kuma Quanzhuang village. He adhered to his father’s promise of “seeing a doctor first and paying later, having money or no money to treat and receiving doctors at any time 24 hours a day”.Now, father and son are “fighting side by side” to bring health and warmth to the people in the mountains.In the summer of 2019, Liu Qingmin and his son organized more than 20 doctors from surrounding villages and villages. Adhering to the concept of “doctors in the countryside, let love pass”, they regularly carried out free diagnosis for common diseases of the elderly and visited lonely elderly.From one person to a team, under the guidance and inspiration of Liu Qingmin, rural doctors in Sishui County have become the main force and practitioners of protecting rural public health services and basic medical services.Correspondent Bao Qingmiao China Youth Daily · China Youth Network reporter Xing Ting source: China Youth Daily