Ten thousand POTS of Yuntian flowers are sold in Guangzhou, Wuhan, Jinhua and other places

2022-04-29 0 By

Yuntian flowers production base, workers are packing finished flowers loaded, sent to each place.(Zhuzhou Daily · Palm Zhuzhou reporter/Li Yifeng correspondent/Bin Zhiping photo) Zhuzhou Daily · Palm Zhuzhou news (reporter/Li Yifeng correspondent/Bin Zhiping) February 9 is the second day after the Spring Festival yuntian flowers production base delivery.As the production of anacarpal flowers enterprises, in order to ensure the normal operation of the flower market flower sales, “Yuntian Garden municipal” staff are packing good flowers loaded into a car, sent to Guangzhou, Wuhan, Jinhua and other places.With the gradual recovery of transportation and logistics, flower markets around the country ushered in the first peak after the Spring Festival.Orders for flowers such as anpalms, white palms and arrowroot have surged in Yuntian base, with daily shipments reaching about 10,000 POTS and sales expected to reach 1 million yuan this month.”Kumota garden city” in the past two years, successively invested 250 million yuan, used for industry upgrade and technical reformation, production base area expanded to 1500 mu, high-grade greenhouses built 180000 square meters, annual output of anthurium, butterfly orchid, such as high-grade flowers more than 300 POTS, products sold throughout the country and southeast Asia, the flowers, annual output value of nearly 30 million yuan.