“The corners of my eyes get wet when I smile.” The 2022 Liaoshi Spring Festival Gala has jokes and warmth

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The 2022 Liaoshi Spring Festival Gala ended in a happy and peaceful atmosphere.According to the National Radio and Television Administration’s “China Audiovisual Big Data (CVB)” statistics, the 2022 Liaoshi Spring Festival Gala ranked first among provincial TV Spring Festival gala.On the day of its debut, The National market rating of Liaoshi Spring Festival Gala was 1.100%, and the market share was 4.980%, ranking first in the simultaneous ratings of provincial TV channels.The ratings of Liaoning SATELLITE TV are 0.296% and 2.403%, ranking first among provincial satellite TV stations.Cool cloud real-time data show: Liaoning TV Spring Festival Gala live attention column national channels first!The market share is up to 10.7662%.On social platforms, too, the aftertaste of the evening lingered.While enjoying the laughter, many netizens also pinpointed the warmth and deep meaning behind the program, saying: “Some of the works smiled and smiled with wet eyes…”Over the years, liao Shi Spring Festival Gala has always pursued the goal of making the gala fun and meaningful.Those lingering works, all after grinding hard, send out bright light.After the audience laugh, chew on the aftertaste, will find the hidden meaning and reflection behind it, and then have a strong resonance.After the performance of Jia Bing’s sketch “Imagination”, the topic # Jia Bing and Jiang Shimeng misunderstood greatly has been widely discussed.The old father’s concern about his children in every detail has touched many viewers’ hearts.”I don’t want to eat take-out, I want to eat dad’s fish”, “I can’t go home for the Spring Festival, my parents must miss me very much”…A wave of homesickness swept in.”Leisure endowment Group” in the “several retirees” staged a moving “Ye Qinghui”.Pan Changjiang, Gong Hanlin refused to accept the old “crazy” move, let a lot of young people reflect: “as long as the body is healthy, want to play, really should respect their interests!”Especially in pan Yangtze river was again sing classic sketch of the lyrics of “crossing the river, and hanlin gong that reminds people of comedy artist lirong” spring flowering 10456 “, the audience back to the moment a few decades ago, the memory during the Spring Festival gala, many audiences didn’t adjust good mood suddenly transformation, has been unconsciously wet eyes.Similar stories of warmth also appeared in the sketch “Brother Is Hard” to praise and eulogize the dedication of volunteers and front-line staff in the fight against the snow disaster, and “Come on, Sister” to the vivid interpretation of the friendship of girlfriends…In the words of netizens, “The Liaoshi Spring Festival Gala is really better than anyone in telling stories about the true feelings of the world!”In addition to language programs, the song and dance performances of the 2022 Liaoshi Spring Festival Gala also brought warm healing to the audience.In “Hometown without Love”, several liaoning singers sang the glorious eventful years in Liaoshen.Liaoning, as the starting place of the War of Resistance against Japanese Aggression, the turning point of the War of Liberation, the material for the national anthem of the People’s Republic of China, the place where the People’s Republic of China went to war to fight against the United States and aid the DPRK, the place where the industrial foundation of the People’s Republic of China was laid, and the birthplace of lei Feng spirit, has witnessed the glorious history of the CPC in the past 100 years and ushered in a stirring future.Under the prosperity and development of Liaoning in the new era, the joy of liaoning people deeply moved and instantly broke the defense of countless Liaoning people.”Proud of Liaoning, proud of my hometown” comments flooded social media.Excellent literary and artistic works often contain the attention to The Times and the exploration of people’s inner world.The 2022 Liaoshi Spring Festival Gala, through refinement of life, brings out the best in artistic beauty and ideological beauty, and warms the audience and The Times with exquisite programs.This is the strength of literary and artistic works, and also the root of liao Shi Spring Festival Gala, which has been widely praised and inherited for decades.