There are such arrogant and domineering people in Nantong. The middle-aged woman was arrested for 15 days by serious authorities. It serves her right

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The vast majority of Chinese women are gentle and lovely, but there are always a few exceptions.Some “shrews” cry two make three hanged shrew very, ordinary people can not bear.On January 29, 2022, The 7th edition of Jianghai Evening News published a social news with the title: “Climb over the fence to grab files, but Still live in the court?”.A look at the title, know “protagonist” arrogant, incredibly this even kind of behavior can do.According to related news reports, there was a young couple in Nantong, the man named Song, who borrowed a lot of money from Li and could not pay it back.Li sued to the court, Chongchuan court after the trial, the judgment of small song couples to repay Li mou principal and interest total more than 600,000 yuan.As a result of small song husband and wife did not perform in the specified period, Li then applied to the court for execution.In the process of execution, chongchuan court sealed up a set of real estate under the name of Xiao Song’s husband and wife, and issued an auction ruling and execution announcement, ordering the subject and the house owner to move out of the house within a specified time limit, and deliver the house to the court for auction to repay debts.The news said Song’s mother was paranoid that the court should not enforce their property.Instead of asserting her rights in accordance with the relevant laws, she made repeated phone calls threatening and insulting the judge.In November 2021, Song entered the courthouse by climbing over the fence, causing disturbance and stopping in the courthouse office, and tried to follow a judge into the office to grab documents for execution.Not long ago, Song came to the court again with bedding, threatening to live in the court if the court does not unlock the property under the name of her son and daughter-in-law.She even threatened to commit suicide during the dissuasion process.The chongchuan court said Song’s actions were “threatening to obstruct judicial officers from performing their duties” and should be punished in accordance with the law, the news agency said. The court also decided to detain song for 15 days in accordance with the circumstances of his violation.Song refused to accept the punishment and applied for reconsideration, which was rejected by Nantong Intermediate People’s Court and upheld the original decision.Network picture, beg ren de Ren arrested 15 days deserve from “Jianghai Evening News” news, son surname Song, mother also surname Song, visible the song mother is very fond of son song, can not see son wronged.If it is a general civil dispute, Song mother so over the wall to hospital, Shouting, death threats, normal people certainly can not stand, not only can not safeguard their rights and interests, and may even be attacked by her.However, Song’s mother made a mistake, even with the judicial authorities on the “bar”, took unconventional means.What’s that?Do you really regard yourself as the “heavenly sage”?Who cares about the judiciary?Do you really think the serious organs of the state are easy to bully?Finally, she was detained for 15 days and received free meals “inside” for half a month. Comfortable?Satisfied?It serves you right.Now is the rule of law society, owe money do not return, people Sue you, is the normal judicial process.Compulsory execution is also a normal judicial procedure.There are different opinions, can go through the normal judicial procedure, counterclaim or appeal, it is normal.But she had to go against the rules and play the shrew. Could she do it?It’s not going to work.Do not know this old lady song had gone to school, have legal common sense, if have no word pour still can explain well, if already go to school and know point legal common sense, she return so noisy, that is asking for trouble.She’s arrogant and she’s barking up the wrong tree!