Tuo’s Painting Language (2022) part four

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Introduction to Tuozhi Art: Han Tuozhi, name Jianshe, character Tuozhi, name Dayuan, Tuoran, name Mingyu, etc.Born in 1954 in Shijiazhuang city, ancestral home botou City, Hebei Province.Graduated from hebei Normal University fine Arts department, Graduate department of Chinese Art Research Institute.He is the honorary president of Hebei Province Chinese painting Research Association.He has published a new chapter of Contemporary Chinese Flower and Bird Painting — The Volume of Han Tuo, Art Language And Exquisite Works — Han Tuo’s, and The Spirit of Ink painting * Series of Famous Contemporary Chinese Painters — Han Tuo’s.On January 22, 2022, Tuotuo’s Painting language – Good and bad, right and wrong, right and wrong, intricate, difficult to say.Our perception is limited and incomplete.So don’t be quick to judge.Do not tear up and throw away pictures that are not sure whether they are good or bad.I will look at it later, maybe I will have new ideas and draw new feelings.If you have enough confidence, enough patience, enough effort and persistence, you can bend down and explore and practice what you love all your life. It is not a problem to paint well.Drawing is not just a game, an expression of emotions, or a way to earn a living, but a way to leave some memories in the process of life.○ Move without moving, move without moving.Your pen and ink prove your thoughts, and your thoughts prove your worth.With the power of dreams, examine your own life and fulfill your own art.Blend the “dream” into the painting to create beautiful memories.On January 24, 2022, A “messy” person drew a “messy” painting, and “normal people” talked together, looking for answers.Is there any point in being an “artist” when art itself is no longer meaningful?Find yourself in painting and find yourself in yourself.Find balance in contradiction. Find peace in balance.In fact, people are living in illusion.Some people get artistic sense from delusions, some people get misunderstanding from delusions, and some people get sick from delusions so deep.At some point in the future, whether you can meet it or not depends on your fate.The answer to art is simple: ideas, ideas and temperament.But it is such a simple thing, some people easily want to achieve, some people try their best and can not get.There is no meaning and no meaning in art -If you can move on from meaning, you have meaning.If you indulge in meaning, it has no meaning.After decades of learning painting, sometimes good and sometimes bad, the biggest harvest is that I gradually accept the existence of failure in my painting, accept my excellent regression, accept my inner tangled character, accept everything I am experiencing now, of course, still need to slowly digest, absorb and improve.○ I like freehand flower-and-bird painting because I am small and timid.I work in a design institute, drawing, drawing, drawing is my daily life, over time to develop the habit of observing rules.Painting is also very careful, can not let go.The freehand brushwork is to make up for a flaw in my character.It’s really hard to change one’s habits.Decades of painting experience…Surface thick pen capitals, in fact, the heart is still not much changed… What to do?Keep it up…Constant pursuit is the eternal of artists, because pursuit means truth.Only by pursuing transcendence can we realize reality.The size of a painting does not determine the value and significance of art. The value and significance of art lies in the human experience of life.○ Keeping an inquiring mind is a kind of state.Being too superficial is a waste of life.Painting should be poetic, and people should be poetic.”Thought” is not a very clear thing to say, it can pop up at any time, and then disappear again.They’re weird and generally unknown.Held expression to come out to be met very jing, the jing of painter’s pen is the existence of idea namely.Most of artists’ works are virtual experiences.The works seem to depict dreams of the past, present and future.Painting is a relief.You can show what you know, what you want to know, even your emotions, feelings, tastes.