Two sites in Gansu have been shortlisted for 2021 national Top Ten New archaeological discoveries preliminary evaluation

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The preliminary evaluation of 2021’s top 10 new archaeological discoveries has been launched, according to reports.Gansu Wuwei Tang Dynasty Tuguhun Royal tombs group, Gansu Jia Chuan Ge Fun site finalists preliminary evaluation candidate projects.It is learnt that in 2021, more than 1,700 archaeological excavations were approved nationwide.The candidate projects are all submitted by qualified excavation units on their own initiative. After examination by the State Administration of Cultural Heritage, 32 projects are finally determined for evaluation. The Evaluation Activity Office will organize voting to recommend 20 projects for final evaluation.The Tang Dynasty Tuguhun Royal Tombs in Wuwei, Gansu province are located in the southwest of Wuwei City, the northern foot of The Qilian Mountains, mainly distributed in the west of Nanying Reservoir in the nanshan district of Wuwei, binggou River and the northern bank of the middle and lower reaches of dashui River.It is a tang Dynasty Tuguhun royal tombs.The tombs all have the basic characteristics of the tombs of high grade aristocrats in the central Plains in the early and middle Tang Dynasty, and also have the characteristics of Tuguhun culture, Tubo culture and northern grassland culture. It shows the historical process of communication and integration of various ethnic groups along the ancient Silk Road in China, and is an important demonstration of the pattern of diversified integration of The Chinese nation.Banpo type late M70 excavated artifact combination Gansu Zhangjiachuan Ge Fun Heritage site is located in Dayang Town, Hui Autonomous County, Zhangjiachuan, weihe river tributary south river and pine River interchange, west of the Dadi Bay site about 15 kilometers.In 2021, more than 950 relics of yangshao, Qijia, Han, Song and Ming dynasties will be cleared, including 88 tombs, 598 ash pits, 83 house sites, 60 stoves, 12 trenches, 3 ring trenches, 6 kilns, 70 active surfaces and 29 pits.This is one of the early settlements of Yangshao culture with the most complete preservation and rich connotation found in the Yellow River basin.It is another important archaeological discovery on the Loess Plateau of Western Gansu after the Didiwan site, which represents a key period in the development of Yangshao culture. It proves that this region, like Guanzhong and Central Plains, is another center of Yangshao culture and plays an extremely important role in the origin of Chinese civilization.Source: New Gansu