Zhang County held the county living environment improvement commendation conference

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The festival spring tide, yuanxiao add new joy.On February 15, Zhangxian county held a commendation conference for the improvement of the county’s human settlements environment, to commend and award 2021 “human settlements environment remediation leader”, “the most beautiful garden” demonstration households, “the most beautiful home hostess” and “the most beautiful sanitation workers”.Party secretary zhang Lin, vice secretary of the county, the county magistrate Shang Xiaochun, Zhao Hua county peoples congress standing committee director, chairman of cppcc.in Wang Fazheng, vice secretary of the county of progress, the county committee and county government subprefect JingJianHong, Guo Yuanhong, deputy head of the county party committee standing committee, the county government, county government, deputy secretary of the party committee, county, county public security bureau chief, Mr. Cui wei, deputy head of the county government soldiers and civilians,Zhang Huiling, vice chairman of the county CPPCC, the departments of the county, the main responsible person of the township Party committee and the government and the target of the commendation to attend the commendation conference, the deputy head of the county government Wang Jianfu presided over the commendation conference.Shang Xiaochun speech, should pass a commendation meeting, carry forward the vital qi, sets up the pole, led the county cadres and the masses really pays special attention to the living environment of consensus formation, tree firmly master consciousness and the environmental protection consciousness, to protect a green water of castle peak, the ecological advantages into development advantages, promote the county tourism industry development, urban and rural areas face big change.The broad cadres and masses of the county should take the initiative to participate in the environmental health protection work, and jointly create a good atmosphere of “people’s city people love, people’s city people tube”!Tang Xiaochun said, to maintain castle peak does not relax, the triennial exhibition.All the villages and towns, departments and units should attaches great importance to the ideological, understand a highly motivated, highly unified, action on dry work, realize the education of the party committees and governments to guide, advanced the typical demonstration leading and the active participation of the synchronization, proceed with the renovation by the movement type organization change to the governance of the norm, by “sight no litter” to “all-weather clean beauty”,Strive to achieve “one year the same, three years of change.”We must work hard and concentrate on tackling difficult problems.We should combine the ecological environment advantage with the industrial development orientation, continue to make efforts in the industrial integration, accelerate the development of the whole region tourism, and make gansu ecological tourism health county.We will continue to work hard to ease crises and control chaos, and continue to beautify and improve the urban and rural living environment.The “river chief system” should be firmly implemented to create a smooth, clean, green and beautiful river environment.We will continue our campaign to make our beautiful countryside greener and more beautiful.We need a blueprint drawn to the end, and all the people mobilized.All towns, townships, departments and units should make it a top priority to motivate the people to change their habits and customs in building beautiful cities and villages, and guide every household to change their living habits and raise their awareness of environmental protection.We should give full play to the strength of women’s federations, youth league committees and other people’s organizations, vigorously promote core socialist values, resolutely abandon outdated rules and customs, continue to change customs, and cultivate civilized local customs, good family practices, and simple folk customs.At the meeting, the commendation decision was also read out, and awards and prizes were given to 13 “living environment improvement leaders”, 135 “most beautiful courtyards”, 60 “most beautiful home hostess” and 20 “most beautiful sanitation workers”.Commendation also carried on the wonderful literary and artistic performance.Everyone said that to improve the living environment of the county, promote rural revitalization, we should actively participate in environmental sanitation remediation, and make new and greater contributions to the construction of clean and beautiful Zhangxian county, ecological and livable Zhangxian county!