Community health annual work plan three models

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In the year of 20xx, our center will make practical work plan and implementation plan according to the requirements of the municipal Health Bureau, combined with the needs of residents in the area and the actual work of the center.The key work is as follows: first, strengthen the brand awareness of community health service; first, actively strengthen the training of community health service personnel; second, do a good job in the establishment of demonstration centers, in response to the government’s call for medical reform, on the original basis to a higher level.3. According to the National Standard for Basic Public Health Services (20XX edition), the nine categories in the Standard shall be managed in strict accordance with the requirements.Implement the policies of community health services to implement the policies of community health services issued by the superior health authorities, thoroughly understand the spirit of every document issued by the superior authorities, and conscientiously plan and implement.We will continue to strengthen maternal and child health care and health education, and promote the implementation of measures to gradually equalize access to basic public health services.Iii. Improve organizational management and improve service capacity Further improve organizational management and system construction of community health service centers to enhance service capacity.This year, we will continue to establish unified and standardized residents’ health records for the permanent residents of the jurisdiction, with emphasis on the archiving of elderly people over 60 years old, women and children, chronic patients and other key groups.The established health records play a substantial role through standardized management.On the basis of updating the health records of the residents in the districts, the coverage of the files is planned to reach 80 per cent.At the same time, strengthening health management for the elderly with chronic diseases.Actively explore the implementation of the “first treatment in the center, serious illness to the hospital, two-way referral, hierarchical responsibility” management mode.Iv. Strive to improve the level of community health service team 1. Strengthen the training of community health service personnel, and the untrained personnel continue to participate in the general practitioner and community nurse post training and various community health service skills training recognized by municipal health administrative department.2. Continue to carry out the training of the general practice team, and insist on organizing the staff of the center to learn new concepts and skills in general practice and community health services every Thursday afternoon.The main functions of the five, perfect the community health service (a) 1, earnestly implement the prevention health care system, control of district residents overall health and major risk factors influencing residents’ health, community health promotion planning and implementation plan earnestly, actively cooperate with the street offices, held at least once a month, health education lectureAccording to the “health publicity day” and sudden public health events to determine the theme of publicity, to provide targeted scientific health information.2. The main indicators of preventive health care of the community resident population are at a good level.(1) The reporting rate of notifiable infectious diseases is 100%;(2) The rate of health care management for children under 7 years old is increasing year by year;(3) The rate of maternal health management is increasing year by year;(4) The proportion of blood pressure measured in patients over 35 years old at the first diagnosis should not be less than 90%;(5) The standardized management of hypertension shall not be less than 85% of the elderly over the age of 60, and special health management files shall be established.(2) To provide residents with convenient, efficient and high-quality medical services.1. General practitioners have a good command of relevant basic theories and basic skills and knowledge, and correctly deal with common health problems in the community.2. Provide timely family health services such as home visits and family visits.Implement dynamic service for special groups.3, continue to develop Chinese patent medicine, acupuncture, massage, cupping, application, scraping, fumigation, point injection of TRADITIONAL Chinese medicine services.Improving technical services for rehabilitation and family planning 1. Continue to provide technical guidance for family planning, contraceptive distribution and counseling services.Help key targets to implement contraceptive measures, carry out propaganda and education on contraceptive knowledge, and improve the public’s awareness of contraceptive and birth control measures.2, make full use of rehabilitation station resources, by professional and technical personnel to guide rehabilitation patients to do rehabilitation exercise.4. Improving our capacity to deal with public health emergencies.1. Conscientiously study the Law of the People’s Republic of China on the Prevention and Treatment of Infectious Diseases and the Regulations on Emergency Response to Public Health Emergencies, and timely formulate emergency response plans for public health emergencies.2, seriously cooperate with the superior departments to carry out AIDS and tuberculosis prevention work.Further strengthen the prevention and treatment of hand, foot and mouth disease, a flu and other infectious diseases publicity.3. Improve the hospital management system, strengthen disinfection treatment and quality control, and strictly implement the Medical Waste Treatment Method, with the medical waste treatment rate of 100%.6. Strict supervision and management of community health services 1. Regularly welcome the supervision and inspection of the Center by the health administration department, and conscientiously rectify the problems existing in the inspection.2. Seriously accept the training and medical ethics education of community health service personnel on medical and health management laws, administrative regulations, departmental regulations, diagnosis, treatment and nursing standards.3, seriously study the prevention and treatment of medical accidents, strengthen medical quality management and prevention of medical accidents.Carrying out Health ManagementWith the rise of diseases caused by unhealthy lifestyles, medical expenses are overwhelmed, placing a heavy burden on families and society.It is one of the important tasks for our community health service workers to realize the strategy of moving forward and mobilizing patients from hospitals to return to the community after recovery and to manage their overall health and disease effectively.New Year, we will try to start the health management work, to emancipate the mind, bold innovation, planning pilot work, health education and management of chronic diseases prevention organization our cure knowledge lecture, at the same time, carrying out health education in the form of exhibition board, etc, with children, adolescents, the elderly, chronic diseases, intellectuals and other high-risk groups for focused education.The aim is to improve the overall health level of the population in the area.2 further increase the patriotic health propaganda, to carry out all-round, multi-form publicity activities, and constantly improve residents’ health awareness and civilization awareness, now my community patriotic health work plan is as follows:1. Strengthen the supervision and inspection of the environmental health of each resident group under the jurisdiction, organize and mobilize the broad masses to consolidate and develop the achievements created.At the same time, actively organize voluntary cleaning teams to carry out cleaning activities.To prevent the occurrence of lax management, sanitary conditions and other phenomena, further consolidate, develop and improve the achievements of the creation.2. Carry out the activity of establishing “health units” in all units under the jurisdiction, and promote the effective development of patriotic health work in all walks of life.Set up models, promote experience, create a clean, beautiful and comfortable working environment.Second, the patriotic health organizations to carry out the xx months activity x xx patriotic health is the first month, the month my community actively cooperate with the news of county NPHCC consolidate achievement, improve the living environment, improve health awareness, organizing the city to carry out patriotic health campaign, prevent the outbreak of all kinds of infectious diseases, do well the food sanitation, water and sanitation,Clean up sanitation and eliminate “four evils” to prevent insect-borne diseases and raise the public’s health awareness.3. Strengthen the work of disease prevention and control, strive to expand the coverage of “four evils” prevention and control, and effectively reduce the density of “four evils” in the area under the jurisdiction 1. Organize and carry out unified action of eliminating four evils in the area under the jurisdiction.With the participation of the whole society, we organized campaigns to eliminate “four evils” in spring and autumn, and special campaigns to eliminate pests in summer, mosquitoes in autumn, and flies and cockroaches in winter, so as to comprehensively control the breeding and peak seasons of “four evils”.At the same time, the elimination efforts in public places have been increased, and voluntary elimination teams have been organized to regularly do the daily removal of “four evils” in road green belts, reserved land, and land to be built. The density of “four evils” has been strictly controlled to prevent the occurrence and prevalence of vector-borne diseases in my area of jurisdiction.2. Actively carry out the construction of infrastructure for the prevention and control of “four pests”, and strive to solve the problem of mosquito breeding from the source.According to the requirements of the superior, conscientiously carry out the organization, publicity and launch of the construction of “four hazards” prevention and control facilities in the whole area.Four, with the city management brigade linkage, do a good job of the area’s health renovation work to implement the door three guarantees responsibility system, to ensure the door environmental health.The community has signed a city appearance and environmental sanitation management responsibility letter with the units, stores and residents facing the street within the jurisdiction, and established management ledger;The members of the URBAN management Association shall check the implementation of the responsibility system of city appearance and environmental sanitation by the responsible units, stores and residents within their jurisdiction every day and make inspection records;Timely dissuade and stop violations of rules and regulations found in the inspection that affect the appearance of the city, order the responsible units, stores and residents to rectify, and timely report to the urban management law enforcement team if they do not rectify in time;Actively cooperate with the city management law enforcement team to investigate and punish the violations affecting the city appearance and environmental health.Five, the extensive development of community health publicity and education activities, is committed to improving the health awareness and health quality of residents to take an all-round, multi-form, multi-channel, three-dimensional publicity mode, through the establishment of patriotic health publicity column, distribution of publicity materials, advertising special edition, widely publicized patriotic health work.Improve and enrich patriotic health content, timely report work information to the superior, provide consulting services;Organize personnel to distribute health education materials in XX district, XX district, xx district, etc., to ensure that health education materials are distributed to every household, and actively advocate scientific, civilized, healthy lifestyle and civilized health behavior.Six, strengthen the construction of love and health organization, realize the center of gravity down, to ensure that all the work falls in the actual 20XX, my community patriotic health work to adhere to the center of gravity down on the basis of comprehensive development, actively do patriotic health work, and constantly improve the health level.To further clarify the responsibilities, personnel and tasks of grassroots LOVE and health organizations, implement the responsibility system under the jurisdiction, strengthen the management functions of social health management, disease control and prevention, and health publicity and education, and manage the patriotic health work of all units under the jurisdiction well, carefully and effectively.Community cadres and residents work together to ensure the successful completion of patriotic health work throughout the year.20xx, I will be based on the “National basic Public health service standards and related standards”, combined with the health needs of the residents of my district and the actual work of this site, to community health education, more in-depth residents, service residents,We will promote the all-round development of basic medical care, preventive health care, health education and chronic disease management, and conscientiously formulate practical work plans and implementation plans.The key work is as follows: 1. Cooperate more closely with the neighborhood community to improve the resident files.To improve the dynamic management rate of residents’ electronic archives;1. This year, we will continue to establish unified and standardized residents’ health records for the resident population in the jurisdiction, input standardized health records into the computer system, and manage residents’ health records dynamically;2. Conscientiously carry out chronic disease health management: do a good job in screening hypertension and diabetes, conscientiously carry out the first blood pressure test for people over 35 years old, and do a good job in screening diabetes.According to the management requirements, the health management of patients with hypertension and diabetes was carried out at least 4 times a year, mainly by telephone inquiry, family visit, face-to-face visit in the clinic, and one physical examination.Meanwhile, the study and training of responsible physician teams should be strengthened to better meet the health needs of chronic patients.3. Conscientiously carry out health management for the elderly, and regularly carry out a physical examination for the elderly over 65 years old every year.Carry out targeted health consultation and guidance; 4. Do a good job in the management of infectious diseases, conscientiously implement the Law on the Prevention and Treatment of Infectious Diseases and the Regulations on Emergency Response to Public Health Emergencies, and adhere to the system of outpatient registration and self-examination of epidemic diseases;Established and improved epidemic reporting system, strive to make the station infectious disease work registration, report timely, accuracy of 100%.5. Do a good job in health publicity and education. Six basic health lectures and six thematic publicity boards should be held every year for community residents to improve their knowledge of health care.Second, actively participate in the study organized by community centers and superior leaders, strengthen the quality education of medical staff, and strive to improve the professional level and optimize the combination.To establish a good doctor-patient relationship and provide convenient, fast, cheap and effective services for community residents.Iii. Improve the environment of diagnosis and treatment. Build more humanized service stations, make full use of existing health resources and infrastructure, and make more reasonable layout.