District Ecology and Environment Bureau “three focus” to help rural revitalization

2022-05-01 0 By

We will focus on water pollution prevention and control and continue to improve water environment quality.In water pollution prevention and control work, with clear water resistance, water source to be completed, agricultural rural pollution control to be completed for the gripper, solid foundation to carry out the comprehensive improvement of the ecological environment in the jialing river basin and its tributaries, comprehensive MoPai rural life sewage disposal present situation, the investment capital is 400 million yuan, at all levels to develop treatment scheme, the cumulative and centralized sewage treatment facilities, 105 completed and put into operation,Sewage treatment capacity reaches 193,100 tons/day;More than 270 livestock and poultry farms were closed or relocated, and pollution control facilities for more than 400,000 pigs were built or improved.The proportion of water quality in national assessment sections, urban centralized drinking water sources and water functional areas has reached “three 100%”.We focused on preventing and controlling air pollution and continued to improve the quality of the air environment.We will steadily promote the transformation and upgrading of key industries such as cement, glass, brick and tile, and furniture, and urge daily glass manufacturers to carry out in-depth treatment of kiln waste gas to ensure the normal operation of waste gas treatment facilities.By the end of the year, the company has completed the in-depth treatment of waste gas in two cement enterprises, two glass enterprises and 522 small, medium and micro enterprises related to gas.Relying on intelligent environmental protection systems, VOCs and particulate matter monitoring in key areas, consultation and interaction with meteorological departments, weather modification, refined warning and forecast, and emergency response to minor pollution weather have been implemented. Automatic monitoring and traceability of air pollution sources have been carried out around the clock, solving more than 1,000 air pollution problems of various types.To complete the annual target task of 301 days of good air issued by Chongqing Municipality.Focus on the ground and prevent soil pollution.In order to ensure “the three security” (the quality and safety of agricultural products safety, environment safety, groundwater and drinking water sources) as the core, focusing on safety construction land use, contaminated safety utilization of arable land and food security examination target tasks, such as comprehensive combing soil pollution prevention and control of completed each goal task, establish a to-do list, project list, the question list,We carried out risk investigations on contaminated soil plots, completed investigations on the soil pollution status of 27 suspected contaminated plots, and promoted soil testing, formula fertilization, and pesticide control and control techniques to reduce the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides, thus reducing the use rate of chemical fertilizers and pesticides to 40 percent.One district-level storage and transportation center and 183 waste agricultural film recovery points were established, and the recovery rate of agricultural film was more than 90%.