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Longquanfu Site is located in Bohai Town, southwest of Ning ‘an city, Mudanjiang City, Heilongjiang Province. It was the capital of Bohai Kingdom in tang Dynasty.The ancient city is located in the alluvial plain of Tokyo Basin, near jinghu District in the south, Mudan River in the northwest and Longquan Mansion in the east.Longquan Mansion site in upper Capital of Bohai Kingdom imitates Chang ‘an city of Tang Dynasty.The whole city site slightly rectangular, by the outer city, the inner city, palace city (Forbidden City) composition.The city ring covers a total area of 16.4 square meters facing south.In the outer city, the north wall is 5.5 kilometers long, the middle protrudes to the north, and the width of the outer wall is equal to that of the inner city. The south wall is less than 5 kilometers long, the east and west walls are 3.5 kilometers long, the circumference of the city is 16.3 kilometers, and the residual height of the walls is about 2 meters on average. There are 10 gates in the outer city, 3 in the north and 3 in the south, 2 in the east and west, and five streets in the outer city, from the south gate of the inner city to the south gate of the outer city.There is an 88-meter-wide Rosefinch Street, which divides the outer city into east and west districts.These five main streets are crisscrossed with streets that form the alleys of the city.At that time, the inner city was the seat of three provinces and six ministries, located in the northern central part of the outer city, rectangular, with a circumference of more than 4.5.Only some ruins of the city wall and forbidden Garden are well preserved.The Forbidden Garden, commonly known as the “Royal Garden”, is located in the west of the east wall of the inner city and east of the east wall of the palace city, with a perimeter of about 1.5 kilometers and a pond remnant area of nearly 20,000 square meters.East and west sides of the pond rockery address, north of the ting Ting address, cornerstone address storage, near the yellow and green glaze tile, the ting was octagonal building;Palace City, also known as the “Forbidden City”, was the place where the bohai royal family lived and exercised their ruling power, palace walls, palace sites, stone Wells (commonly known as the Eight Treasures of glass well) and so on.The palace wall is built of basalt, the average residual height of about 3 meters.Bohai kingdom attends Beijing longquan office site layout is reasonable, is composed of outer urban, the inner city, miyagi, planning and design in the tang dynasty chang ‘an mode, main building of the wall, miyagi site basic intact, is to study the history of the bohai sea, the tang dynasty city history, important materials for architectural history, three basic complete walls and body building sites, is China’s urban development in rare instances,It has historical, artistic and scientific value.Article excerpted from the network, if there is infringement please contact bass deletion!