Leaders of provincial Hope Project Donation Center visited liu Ximeng, a national moral model of our school

2022-05-01 0 By

On the morning of January 30th, Liu Zhengyin, director of Heilongjiang Hope Project Donation Center, and Du Jing, deputy director and director of Heilongjiang Youth Development Foundation visited Liu Ximeng and her mother from the 8th National Moral Model School.Zheng Fangming, secretary of the Youth League committee of our school and related staff attended the visit.’How is mother now?”What difficulties do you have in daily life?”In Liu Xi home, details about the Liu Xi Liu Zhengyin line learning life and mother’s physical condition, encouraged her to firm the confidence, to overcome difficulties, keep optimistic attitude, the party and the government and the whole society’s care for into spiritual motivation, rely on our own efforts, to create a better life, and charged them pay attention to keep warm and take good care of yourself,At the same time, on behalf of the provincial Project Hope donation Center, the provincial Youth Development Foundation to send gifts and project Hope scholarship.Liu Zhengyin pointed out that liu Ximeng’s advanced deeds interpreted the true, the good and the beautiful, warmed the whole society, and spread the civilized fashion of the new era, which is a concrete embodiment of the socialist core values. We should vigorously promote the traditional virtue of “filial piety is the first”, and further create a good social atmosphere of seeing the good and thinking together, worshiping virtue and being good.In the next step, the youth League Committee of the school will lead all the young students to take Liu Ximeng as an example, deeply cultivate and practice the socialist core values through people and things around them, and promote the school to form a good atmosphere of advocating model, learning model and striving to be a model.The leaders of The Donation Center of The Hope Project visited liu Ximeng, a national moral model of our school