Nanchang High-tech Zone registered human resources enterprises exceeded 300

2022-05-01 0 By

Nanchang news news reporter learned from nanchang high-tech zone yesterday, in nanchang high-tech zone registered human resources enterprises have broken through 300.Since its trial operation in November 2017, after four years of construction and operation, China Nanchang Human Resources Service Industrial Park has ranked among the best in the province in terms of economic size, settlement of well-known enterprises and industrial agglomeration. It has become a gathering area of well-known human resources enterprises inside and outside the province, leading the development of human resources industry in the province.In 2021, the main business income of the industrial park is 4 billion yuan, and the tax amount is 60 million yuan.Up to now, 104 of the more than 300 human resources enterprises registered in Nanchang High-tech Zone have settled in the industrial park, including Beijing foreign companies, Zhitong Human Resources, Zhaopin top 100 enterprises, as well as Jiangxi Human Resources, Jucai Human resources and other local leading enterprises;The businesses of the enterprises in the park cover human resource recruitment, human resource training, talent assessment, labor dispatch, human resource service outsourcing, management consulting and other services, which has formed a relatively complete human resource service industry chain.(Nanchang Daily reporter Wan Xiaoxia)