Spice!The Golden State warriors won in vain, and the Nets’ plan fell through, revealing the Lakers’ 4-for-4 deal for Westbrook

2022-05-01 0 By

Beijing time on February 3, in the NBA today from several material, such as Cunningham top rookie, grace than DE and player base, and elected last month, James injury absence game against the Portland trail blazers, in addition to these messages, the author also summarizes the three attention by fans more news, respectively is white pick up mighty victories, the nets plan,Expose lakers 4 for 4 trade westbrook plan, let the author take you to understand the specific situation in detail.First, the Golden State Warriors won the game for nothing. The NBA issued a referee’s report on the warriors’ victory over the SAN Antonio Spurs yesterday, which revealed two missed calls in the final two minutes, both of which benefited the Warriors. The first came after Poole’s layup with 53.2 seconds left in the game.But he before to move the axis of the foot, should blow walking violation, the referee didn’t blow, the second with 8.8 seconds left in the game, Anderson in rebounds for pulling kyle’s shirt, affected the latter rebound jump should be a foul, the referee did not call all the same, if not the two false negative, eventually winning may be the spurs.Next came the nets plan failed, because Paul milsap unsatisfactory in this season, so the nets and he had reached a separation agreement, but need to send him to a new team, according to U.S. media reports, the bulls to get Paul milsap, but didn’t want to go on Paul milsap nets, they charged bulls, a second sign,The Bulls wanted Millsap to sign him directly after reaching a buyout, so the Nets’ wishful thinking is frustrated.Finally had the lakers 4 in 4 trading less scheme, the lakers suffered a wave in a three-game skid, the team also dropped out of the last eight in the west and other James again to play because of injury, so the lakers need to adjust to change the present predicament, and in the American media reported recently, the lakers and the knicks are brewing a around less 4 in 4 deal, specific content is,The Lakers sent Westbrook, Horton Tucker, a 2027 first-round pick and a 2023 second-round pick in exchange for Randle, Walker, Fournier and Burks.Can say the deal is a bargain for the lakers, although less ability is very strong, but he and lebron James are not compatible, so off he good for both sides, while for Randall, walker, rich, and is a good man bexley, Randall is an all-star level inside, his personal ability is very comprehensive, both score and rebound and pass everything is fine,He also played for the Lakers and could fit in quickly.Walker is a former all-star guard, he plays composed, offensive ability is very strong, although less, but still have 15 + scoring ability, compared with the less he is more suitable for the lakers’ master, rich, and are also starting power of rival bexley, are both offensive and defensive manner, have a good perimeter shooting ability,It would add depth to the lakers’ roster, and a deal would put the team back in championship contention.