A civilized and argumentative atmosphere is needed to make the journey abroad smooth

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Wu Lei in the new round of la Liga league did not get the opportunity to play, this has been his NTH consecutive game did not appear.Is he so bad he can’t even play second fiddle?Of course not. How can he score a few goals in his first season?On February 16, 2020, he scored a goal against Sevilla to draw the game 2-0.But now things have changed.He won both the league and the Copa del Rey and scored the crucial goal that decided the place of the match.Now we seem to doubt that is wu Lei?Some domestic fans indiscriminately ridicule and even personal attacks, such a bad external environment we who dare to go abroad?Wu Lei’s strength we certainly will not doubt, he is not playing coach Moreno decision, to his personal trouble is you find the wrong person.Take a look at the comments section of the article about Spanish people. How many people have written about Wu Lei?Espanyol must know the dynamics of Chinese fans in the Internet era;This phenomenon caused by small wu also no complaints, want to return to the pressure will be greater, and the superior can not let him back.If the wicked do not remove, who will go abroad to play will worry;Besides, there are no good people going to the big five leagues abroad now.Why wu Lei these two world preliminary matches seem to be slow to take the appearance, as if preoccupied with his mind in la Liga can not play in the heart anxious, and involving the team should not leave the problem, plus some malicious public opinion attack, the mood is certainly not good.Most of the fans are good, some people for blog traffic to treat an honest man with patriotic dedication is too bad.Many articles take his single blade not enter and foreign stars compared, no use, what is China’s youth training level you don’t count yourself?Broad-minded people will not spray others, have the ability you again from the domestic find out a more than small wu come out calculate you can!Probably not for a decade.There are a lot of people say how so many people in China can not choose eleven football players.With these gossips stirring up shit, they think they are right about everything and can be the head coach or the head of the football association. It’s ridiculous. Don’t look at yourself?I am a loyal supporter of Xiao Wu. He has reached the end of his career. It is impossible to improve his basic skills.It is not easy to be in a foreign country. It is normal for him to be left out because of his personality and language barrier.Besides his playing time and teammates are too bad, blame him?This Moreno guy has a problem with him, and now he’s not playing in a couple of games he can’t win, and he’s heading for demotion.Except for DeThomas, who is better at scoring, no one is better than Wu, just making money from the Chinese market behind him.Youth training should not only stay in words, but should be well done step by step from the grassroots level.There are less than 10,000 registered players in The country, compared with 1 million in Japan and 500,000 in Vietnam.How do you play with someone who doesn’t have much choice?Those with bad motives should not vilify their own.If you wish to be king of bitter tongue, distinguish friend from foe;The most important thing is that Xiao Wu has made a great contribution to the national football team. What did you do?It’s not helping.In short, his devotion to his country deserves respect;Rather than kick people down the throats and chill them.In former days Zhu Jianhua, Liu Xiang, Sun Yang are such examples, should not be just the winner for the king of the loser kou, do one’s best is a hero, his compatriots are more shameful.