After four stages of development, the “Three Kingdoms” gradually became the most popular part of China’s history

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1. Chen Shou wrote three separate books, The Book of Wei, the Book of Wu and the Book of Shu.Because both Wei and Wu had official historiographers, shu had no official historiographers, so the book of Shu is the most brief.In the Song Dynasty, in order to facilitate reading, people combined three books into one book — The Annals of The Three Kingdoms.Chen Shou would never dare to call this book The Annals of The Three Kingdoms.How dare he put The states of Wu, Shu and Wei together?So he had to divide the history into three parts.Although the three books are separate, their status is different.In the book, only The State of Wei has “benji”, while The state of Wu Shu is only “biography”.For example, Cao Cao’s “Wei Wu Di Ben Ji”, Liu Bei became the “biography of the patriarch”.The difference between the three books, of course, is to take Wei as the orthodox.The three books spread alone, and let a person obviously feel the competition of three forces.It’s a wonderful arrangement.Compared with the current “three kingdoms”, much more appropriate.2. Pei Songzhi decided to make notes for the Annals of The Three Kingdoms because it was too brief.People of the same period acknowledged that The Annals of The Three Kingdoms was the best among them, but they also paid a lot of energy to write the history.In some places, these books serve as a supplement to the Annals of The Three Kingdoms.Hundreds of authors, hundreds of books, hundreds of opinions, Pei Note was actually created by a team.If the Book of Han is regarded as a tiger, then the Annals of The Three Kingdoms is a lion leading its family, pei Zhu, showing the power of a team.A single lion may not be enough to fight a tiger, but a pack of lions may be better than a tiger.3, Popular Romance of The Three Kingdoms, we can regard it as “lions hunting”.This kind of books with strong performance nature have been loved by countless folk people.In the form of story-telling and drama, the characters of The Three Kingdoms are vividly portrayed.Buskers don’t care about historical figures. What they care about most is how to earn a little more money.Audiences don’t care about who the historical figures were, they care about whether the story moves them or not.Therefore, when writing, Zhuge Liang became the embodiment of wisdom;Cao Cao became the embodiment of treachery.As a matter of fact, Cao Cao and Zhuge Liang were both powerful officials. How could the historical evaluation have two extreme forms?Dong Zhuo deposed emperor, sima Zhao regicide, which is not more severe than Cao Cao?Why don’t people scold those people instead of holding onto Cao Cao?It can only be said that Zhuge Liang is suitable for playing positive characters and Cao Cao is suitable for playing negative characters. Only in this way can we get the greatest benefits.4. The games and films of The Three Kingdoms have interpreted this history from the traditional values at the beginning.Now people like Liu Bei, not to return to his han dynasty, but to appreciate his unyielding spirit!Zhao Yun also became a beautiful young man.In recent years, Joe’s fans have been growing by leaps and bounds.This also has benefited from su Dongpo that tie down words, one of which is: small Joe married.The operability of the games and the values conveyed by the various films and TV works keep the characters of The Three Kingdoms hot all the time.The great reversals of the five campaigns pushed the history of The Three Kingdoms to a climax.At first, it was thought that the two yuan and Dong Zhuo were fighting, but cao Cao, who had threatened the king of heaven to order his vassals, was finally killed.2. The Battle of GuanduCao Cao face must lose the bureau, unexpectedly came a Xu You.Yuan Shao left the trial with zhen Shou Yecheng.Trial with xu You and discord, during the Battle of Guandu, actually caught xu You’s family.Cao Cao was close to defeat when Xu You took refuge.This let Cao Cao mastered yuan Shao’s biggest loophole, and did a kill.The Battle of Red Cliff.The tiger was beaten by a calf.A plague, let Cao Cao unified the world dream broken.Until now people are guessing, the red cliff fire is cao Cao point?Or zhou Yu’s?Perhaps Zhou Yu had started the fire, but Cao Cao turned it up again so that they could escape.The Battle of Hanzhong/the Battle of Xiangfan Liu Bei defeated Cao Cao for the first time in his life.Guan Yu took advantage of the situation, flooded the seven armies and shocked China.This is the highlight of Liu Bei Group.Unfortunately, this time, the reverse is true.First his Allies betrayed Liu Bei, then mi Fang, his relative, and finally his son Liu Feng.Liu Bei received a deadly “triple punch”.5. Battle of YilingThis is our best chance to unify the world since the battle of Red Cliff.Cao PI was able to destroy either side of sun Quan or liu Bei.Cao PI chose to sit and watch the tiger fight.This choice not only extended The Three Kingdoms’ time by several decades, but also destroyed wei’s dream of uniting the world.The history of The Three Kingdoms is so fickle.Everyone who expected a miracle fell in love with it.