Another park in Shijingshan is about to start construction (Shijingshan early know on February 19)

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The project is located in Wulituo area, Shijingshan District, with a total area of 8.09 hectares.It is less than 2km away from the Yongding River in a straight line, which is an important node in the Yongding River culture zone in Xishan.Relying on the protection and repair content of jingde Temple site, the construction of site park is conducive to excavating the historical and cultural deposits of the region and enriching the cultural resources of the Yongding River cultural belt in xishan.The construction of the project can link the regional green corridor and green road, improve the regional park system, and further improve the service radius coverage of 500m of wulituo regional park green space.With the overall design concept of “park + site”, the site adopts the strategy of minimum intervention and overall protection to create a green and low-carbon park where people can enjoy the life of birds and flowers.Let the masses can visit the park at home, enjoy the city’s peace, while reading the “ruins in the sea of flowers”, share the contemporary life.Shijingshan Hospital’s new catheter room officially opened on February 15, the lunar New Year of the Tiger Lantern Festival, in a peaceful and festive atmosphere.In recent years, the treatment technology of acute stroke has developed rapidly, such as intravenous thrombolysis, arterial thrombolysis, arterial thrombolysis, stent implantation and other technologies have been popularized, and the number of patients in urgent need of treatment is increasing year by year.In order to further improve the hardware guarantee for the treatment of acute stroke and ensure the smooth and efficient green channel of stroke, with the support of hospital leaders and the cooperation of various departments, our hospital recently introduced the German Siemens “Artis Q suspension digital subtraction angiography system” officially into clinical use.The system has the characteristics of flexible covering of the whole body, greatly reducing the dose of radiation, rotating image acquisition, etc., and can provide comprehensive diagnosis and treatment for different comprehensive subjects such as heart, nerve, tumor, peripheral vascular, respiratory and so on.Coronary angiography, PCI, ventricular angiography, interventional treatment of congenital heart disease in children, radiofrequency ablation, angiography and interventional recanalization of various parts of the body, balloon dilated stent implantation angioplasty, filter implantation, embolization, tumor chemoembolization, etc.Patients with intraoperative without moving the patient to cover the whole body parts, high quality scan, can in the shortest time, use the lowest X-ray dose, minimum dosage of contrast agent to get the most perfect vascular imaging, not only in patients with maximum protection, multiplied improve efficiency at the same time, improve the nervous and cardiovascular examination and tumor interventional therapy in our overall level,To better serve the masses of patients.”Escort” games event Woven omni-directional three-dimensional epidemic prevention and control “protective” for the successful hosting of the 2022 winter Olympics and winter paralympics in Beijing, the city two levels of health supervision of Olympics venues around a kilometer by medical and health institutions to strengthen the supervision and inspection, an omni-directional three-dimensional epidemic prevention and control supervision mode, effectively eliminate infectious disease prevention and control.The Beijing Municipal Institute of Health Supervision gave full play to its innovative advantages in information technology and expanded and built a special business application system for winter Olympics security on the basis of the existing Comprehensive platform of Beijing Smart health supervision, providing grid and precise management for all medical institutions around the Venues of the Winter Olympics.Using big data analysis, geographic information system GIS display technology supervision and inspection of Olympic venues peripheral units such as coverage, qualified conditions, urban special supervision situation, the rectification of the two stage to display, through different color icon on the map clearly identifies each unit frequency of the current state and the supervision and inspection, the city two levels of mix, not to miss any point of a risk.During the event, the shijingshan district continued to strengthen health supervision is, on the basis of prevention and control of hospital medical institutions are effectively combined the city supervision feedback problems, a precise docking, effective supervision, combination to eliminate all kinds of hidden danger in time, improve the infectious diseases prevention and control of the whole consciousness, strengthen the responsibility of medical institutions, the court sense of prevention and control measures, item by item, fulfill, to ensure the games are games run smoothly.In order to do a good job in the service and guarantee work of Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games, the urban volunteer service station of Xifu Village community in Jinding Street officially entered the state of operation when the Beijing Winter Olympic Games opened on February 4.In the cold winter, volunteers provide citizens with information consultation, language services, civilization publicity, cultural dissemination, environmental protection and other voluntary services.It is worth mentioning that volunteers Gao Junting old man, Tan Shengguo old man and wife together, the most beautiful volunteer family couples to the Winter Olympics.Since the volunteer site of Xifu Village community opened, the couple gave up their rest time and family reunion time, and have been sticking to the service site.Gao Junting said: “The Winter Olympics is coming. As a volunteer of Shijingshan District in the area of double Olympics, I am proud that I can help the Winter Olympics. I am very happy to serve the Winter Olympics with like-minded volunteers and my wife.”There are a lot of such selfless volunteers, jinding Street Street Xifu village community urban volunteer service station all the volunteers, has been full of enthusiasm to do a good job in the service guarantee work, with practical action to ring the “old neighborhood, the new generation, no volunteer, no beauty” shijingshan volunteer slogan!”Spring breeze sends warmth, employment sends true feelings” Shijingshan 2022 first live recruitment is coming!More than 100 jobs waiting for you!With the footsteps of spring, we are welcoming the first “live recruitment” of 2022, with the theme of “Spring breeze sends warmth, employment sends sincerity”. The recruitment covers 354 positions in 7 units, including communication operation, new media operation, accounting, electrical engineer and central controller.At 10:22 on February 22, 2022, Miss Ma will be there for you in the studio.Alley butler together to help the city fine governance on February 17, Lugu street comprehensive administrative law enforcement team and alley butler together with “streets and lanes patrol in front of the management” as the theme, came to liuhe Garden market around the inspection action a vivid teaching class also staged.The law enforcement team patiently explained the key points that need to be paid attention to during the inspection process, and communicated with the alley butler about the city appearance and environment order management contents such as “three guarantees in front of the door” management, advertising plaque and standardizating the operation outside the shop.The skilled words, sharp eyes and precise methods of law enforcement officers during the inspection process have won praise from the alley butlers.Based on their own experience, law enforcement officers have provided guidance and advice to alley butlers on how to spot problems, communicate effectively and ensure solutions.Alley butlers learn while also do not forget their own work, they took out prepared in advance brooms, clips, garbage bags and other tools, to carry out “beauty” action.In the next step, the street comprehensive administrative law enforcement team will continue to strengthen the communication and linkage with various departments, and jointly create a clean, beautiful environment, orderly Lugu block.In order to continue to do a good job in the national civilization of the city to normalize the creation of work, to further create a clean and tidy community environment, Apple Orchard street actively organize communities to carry out community environment cleaning work.Streets, communities use a variety of forms of publicity to continue to carry out publicity work, actively promote the harm of blocking life passage to residents, improve community residents’ awareness of fire safety, jointly resist corridor accumulation, occupation of fire passage and other uncivilized behavior, create a good living atmosphere.Urge each property enterprise to earnestly assume the main responsibility, actively organize the property personnel to carry out centralized cleaning, do a good job of garbage collection and transportation, cleaning cleaning, cleaning small advertisements, stacking materials and other work, strengthen the daily inspection.Streets organize professional cleaning teams, continue to do a good job in the area of the Olympic points, key roads, back streets and lanes, along the street guardrail, cottage areas, rivers and other areas of environmental sanitation cleaning, strengthen the frequency of dust removal operations.Each community through Posting cleaning notice, wechat public number, wechat group and other forms, mobilize community party members, patrol members actively cooperate with the publicity, and first to clean up their own doorsteps of all kinds of piles, drive residents to carry out corridor accumulation, window guardrail debris from the self-clearing work, together to eliminate community security risks.Source: District related units Editor: Shijingshan Rong Media Center