Multiple monks and nuns sharing a meal?Wutai Mountain Buddhist Association: false, has been reported

2022-05-02 0 By

Recently, a video of monks and nuns in Mount Wutai, Xinzhou City, Shanxi Province, being accused of sharing money together has aroused attention.On the evening of February 14, the Buddhist Association of Mount Wutai responded that the monks in the video were not local monks in Mount Wutai and had reported the incident to the public security authorities.The video, posted online, shows a group of men and women dressed as Buddhist monks and nuns sitting around a round table eating, one man handing out cash one by one.”Don’t take pictures, don’t post them online,” another woman said.A screenshot of a chat in the video showed someone claiming the group was from Mount Wutai.Some suspect that these people are not real monks and may just use their status to make money.Some netizens think that the money is not much and monks need to live.On February 14, the Buddhist Association of Mount Wutai released a statement on its Microblog, saying that on February 14, some media and public accounts were found to hype a video titled “Several Monks and nuns in Mount Wutai have dinner and share money”.After preliminary investigation, none of the monks in the video are local monks in Mount Wutai. The association has reported the case to the public security organ, and the relevant situation is under further verification. Please do not believe, fabricate or spread rumors.Mount Wutai is one of the five holy Buddhist sites in the world, according to the Official wechat account of the Mount Wutai Buddhist Association.There are more than 90 monasteries with more than 2,000 resident monks.Source: