Old photos: People eating in a communal canteen in the 1950s, women militiamen working with rifles on their backs

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Margaret Gibbs is pictured kissing her boyfriend and sister in 1929 in the US.It was the day she got engaged to her boyfriend and, awkwardly, her younger sister inevitably looked on as she kissed him.Her sister and herself are twin sisters, unfortunately their bodies are connected from birth. It can be seen that her sister is a little shy to look at her sister, but she sneers her eyes curiously, just don’t know how they should live together after marriage.Taken in Europe in 1913, the three men in this photograph are not big stars, but they are photographed together.The three are playing cards, the three are dressed fashionably, and their respective families are probably doing well financially. What’s interesting is that the three men have very unusual bodies, or at least not the way most people look.The man in the middle is very tall, the man on the left is very short, and the man on the right is neither tall nor short, but he is very fat.Trump and Tyson were working together when Trump was a prominent real estate businessman and Tyson was just a boxer.After they first met in 1985 and made a good impression on each other, the two teamed up, with Tyson boxing in the ring and Trump acting as Tyson’s manager and financial director.The two earned a lot of money from Tyson’s performance in the ring, but they were later torn apart by a scandal involving Tyson’s first wife, Givens, who was rumored to have had unusual relationships with several men, including Tyson’s manager, Donald Trump.I don’t know if the rumors are true or not, but they stopped working together from then on.In this photo taken in 1959, people are having lunch together in the cafeteria of a commune in south China. It can be seen that there are many old people and children in the crowd eating.Since reform and opening up had not yet taken place, everyone worked and ate together, and the children and the old people ate happily.In fact, people living in that era were quite happy. Unlike people in the old society, they were not oppressed by landlords and there was no great family pressure. Everyone was equal in the society.This photo was taken in 1985 at the gate of a newly-built cinema in Kunming, Yunnan province. At that time, the cinema was at its peak because television was not popular, and the gate was crowded with people waiting to enter.At that time, a movie ticket was only 10 cents. If you could see a movie live, you could show it off to the whole village.A picture taken in a department store in Shanghai in the 1980s shows people riding an escalator on their way to shop.This department store was daxing Department Store, one of the four major department stores in Shanghai at that time. The older generation of Shanghainese should have a deep memory of this department store, which was the most popular shopping mall for Shanghainese at that time.The department store opened in 1936 and has been flooded with shoppers ever since. The first escalator in China is the one pictured here.In this photo taken in the 1970s in a rural area of China, a female militia team is working on a construction site. These women soldiers are carrying rifles while working.At that time, almost all the people were soldiers, and we did military training at the same time. We could see that we were all very energetic. Of course, their guns could also be taken home by themselves.In this 1983 photo taken at Jiefang Road Primary School in Xining city, Qinghai Province, a class of students climb five joint machines during physical education.At that time in order to enhance the national constitution, in each school have such sports equipment, at that time, although there is no electronic devices can play the game, but the children also is very happy, only this time can’t go back anymore, now it is the basketball court, many schools like a horizontal bar, parallel bars, the sports equipment have already done not have.In 1958, the picture was taken in front of the Sino-Soviet Friendship Palace in Wuhan. A large number of educated young people gathered in the square. At that time, this place was the most prosperous section of Wuhan, and people who visited Wuhan would come here to punch in.The doctor, still in his military uniform, reads a quote from MAO zedong with a patient in what should have been a PEOPLE’s Liberation Army hospital in the 1970s.They can be seen enjoying themselves as they read MAO zedong’s quotations. At that time, the most popular books were Selected works and Quotations of MAO Zedong.In this photograph taken in the 1960s, four mothers are feeding their babies, wearing their work caps, in what is believed to be a nursing room inside a factory.In order to build a strong country as soon as possible, the workers shouted the slogan that factory is home. Women with children would bring their children to the nursing room of the factory, and the factory would set special time for these mothers to breastfeed their children.This photo was taken in Vietnam in the 1970s, when almost all men, women and children were armed with guns. Slung over her shoulder is a Chinese-assisted Type 53 rifle adapted from the Soviet Mohinnagat rifle.In 1886, after the French army purchased a rifle named M1886 Lebel, there arose a wave of updating rifles in European countries. Before this, European countries used single-shot rifles, and those rifles would emit a black smoke when shooting.The M1886 Lebel rifle is a serial rifle that does not emit black smoke, so the Russian government at that time also decided to use a new serial rifle.Later Russian army took a fancy to the Belgian designer, Leon he brothers, rifles, and the Russian government took a fancy to Russian designer mohsin design of rifle, the Russian government and the army wanted to a compromise, is he on the rifle with mohsin design brothers designed for playing system, then a call mohsin he rifle was born.A group of volunteer soldiers take a bath in an underground bathhouse on the Korean Peninsula in 1951, probably the happiest time of the day for these soldiers.They can relax here without worrying about enemy planes in the sky.This photo was taken in 1937 in Yan ‘an. The woman sitting on the stump is Wu Lili, who was born in Henan province in 1911. Her father was a salt official at the end of the Qing Dynasty.In February 1937, she followed the two American journalists on her right to Yan ‘an, where she worked as an interpreter for Chairman MAO and the American journalists.The photo taken in the field of a military competition in the 1970s shows three militiamen driving a tricycle for a shooting show, which requires three people to cooperate well and have superb driving and shooting skills, but the division of labor of the men standing behind is not known.In this photo taken in Shanghai in 1937, two women offer condolences to Chinese soldiers from the 88th Division who are about to go to war.These young soldiers directly into the battlefield after receiving the condolence ceremony, maybe this is the last scene in their life, we Chinese people should not forget them, because they are the heroes fighting with the invaders, they are to fight the invaders sacrificed their young lives.A collection of rare old photos from the Qing Dynasty that will make you want to share them