Purdue Technologies has released four more service robots for commercial use, with autonomous delivery robots tackling the industry’s pain points

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Purdue Technologies, the global benchmark of commercial service robots, unveiled its spring 2022 new products in Shenzhen on March 24, with four new robots on display.Zhang Tao, founder and CEO of Purdue Technology, said, “Purdue Technology is not only launching a few new products, but also hoping to bring solutions to the whole industry.”He started with the theme of the conference “3+X”, leading to the three major pain points in the current commercial distribution robot industry — peak through the problem, the whole process automation problem and the ground through the problem, and Purdue is to solve these industry problems.Among the new products released by Purdue Technology, the most eye-catching is the new delivery robot “Qiolesong”.”Qiaole Delivery” is a new product created by Purdue Technology for restaurant delivery during peak hours, which focuses on solving the problem that food delivery robots often block each other with waiters or customers in restaurants during peak hours.Purdue technology based on the “send” to walk after the intention of visualization and the awareness to establish human-machine prevailing rules, solve the problem of way between human and robot coordinate, man-machine mutually to go, “qiao le” through laser projection display driving intention or through the water ripple indicates passers-by stopped, facilitate passers-by take the initiative to choose their own optimal moving path;In the man-machine in the same direction, “Qiao Le send” is like being installed on the “rearview mirror”, can recognize the rear people, automatically choose the side to avoid.With its powerful perception and computing power, Qiaolesong is able to move and move freely in complex environments, effectively improving rush hour traffic efficiency and customers’ dining experience.In fact, the emergence of “Qiaole delivery” is the introduction of the “traffic light” mechanism in human-machine traffic, by defining the rules of human-to-robot traffic, fundamentally solve the problem of peak delivery.Purdue Technology today released its second new robot, A1, which is a composite robot designed to solve the end-to-end automatic delivery problem.This is an upgrade from the current situation that restaurant robots can only achieve semi-automatic delivery.At present, the human-machine cooperation delivery mode of catering robot on the market is: the waiter puts dishes on the robot from the outlet, the robot then delivers dishes to the target table, and then the waiter or customer takes food from the plate of the robot.The man-machine collaboration room model is only a process of semi-automatic distribution, to middle and purdue A1 robot is to do the whole process automation and distribution, it is equipped with specially designed for food and beverage distribution of high adaptability to the flexible clamping jaw, using the purdue research items identification technology and visual positioning fetching technology, realize accurate identification and accurate grab food.After taking the food from the outlet, A1 automatically drives to the target table, and the docking accuracy can reach millimeter level.A1 can recognize and perceive the complex table environment, identify the effective placement of dishes on the table, and independently plan the optimal path of the robot arm to complete the final process of dishes on the table.It is reported that this is the first robot in the industry that can truly achieve automatic delivery of the whole process, and can complete all the processes from the mouth to the table without human intervention.Today, Purdue Technologies also launched its first quadruped delivery robot, D1, which mainly solves the problem of traditional wheeled robots not suitable for complex terrain such as slopes and steps.The D1 adopts almost all the core components developed by Purdue, including high performance joint module, high computing power main control board, etc.At the same time, the D1 combined with compliant force-controlled integrated control scheme, can adapt to different terrain, even under the disturbance of external forces, can always ensure the balance of the fuselage during the movement.D1 is also equipped with a pin-top distribution box that can automatically adjust the pitching attitude and maintain the horizontal balance. It can be used in restaurants with unique decoration styles such as uneven ground, steps, slopes and small Bridges. It can also be used in office buildings, parks and residential areas to complete the “last three kilometers” distribution.Following the launch of the first cleaning robot CC1 at the end of last year, Purdue Technology today also launched the professional miniature digital floor washer SH1 to solve the difficult cleaning problems in irregular and uneven surfaces.This professional miniature digital floor washing machine has standard floor washing, single suction, water brush, single brush and other cleaning modes, equipped with high speed self-driven double disc brush, with strong pressure and suction to the ground, can realize the rapid cleaning of different types of stains.In addition, SH1 adopts modular design, convenient loading and unloading, flexible storage, can be controlled with one hand, can enter 40cm narrow channel and low space below 10cm.Users can check the usage status and working hours of SH1 through the APP to timely understand the cleaning status, and obtain digital cleaning reports to review historical cleaning tasks.By Beijing Youth Daily reporter Zhang Qin and editor Fan Hongwei