Rockets vs Clippers 3 things to watch!Can Schroder turn the team around?Can Shen Jing contribute double doubles in a row

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The Rockets, who face the Los Angeles Clippers in their final game before the All-Star break on February 18, 2022, have lost six in a row and are in need of a win.The Clippers are 29-31 and eighth in the Western Conference, despite missing Kawhi Leonard and Chris Paul.George has two main players, but coach Tyron.Lou’s team refuses to fall apart. He’s leaning on Reggie.Jackson, Kennard, Maurice Morris jr., Zubaz and a bunch of other role players got to where they are, which is pretty tough.Rockets general manager Rafael.Rafer’s selection of manager tyron.Lue was the top choice, but decided to save money by signing sellars at a much cheaper price, and it’s unclear if Rafer will regret the decision.The absence of Wood and porter for the Rockets’ game against the SUNS was a concern, with Silas citing stomach problems as the reason, but both had stomach problems at the same time, raising the possibility that there was something else going on.A recent games the rockets against the jazz, spat conflicts between Martin and wood, wood laurels, own basket leakage also shift responsibility to Martin, provoked the latter nu spray garbage on the spot, coach Silas to subside, remove the obvious indefensible of wood, the game’s absence may have a direct bearing with the incident.But regardless, the absence of Wood and Porter has made the Rockets team more united. Here are three things to look forward to in tomorrow’s game.Schroder had 23 points, six rebounds and nine assists in a game-high 39 minutes against the Phoenix SUNS, nearly leading the Rockets to an upset.He not only plays well on the offensive end, scoring well, but also can bring jaylen Green, Shin Kyung, Tate and other young players to play.On defense, his close closing and on-court enthusiasm infuriated Chris Paul, who was ejected for complaining about the referee getting two T’s.This game schroder can continue to play well will be very interesting.Point two, jay can green shame-awareness after yong the NBA announced today the list of the latest issue of the rookie, jay has 10 fell away, green was once regarded as gray’s sag has been squeezed into the top 10, the thorough angered his morale, the rockets against the SUNS green contributed 17 points 2 rebounds 1 assists, positive and negative value to + 11,Houston’s tallest player, and if he continues to play well against the Clippers, he could be back in the top 10 next week.Third point, shen jing can take two pairs of data’s absence for the chance of a “Beijing league, nor did he let the chance slip away, he first played 28 minutes of the game, has obtained 19 points and 14 rebounds, 3 assists, 2 steals a comprehensive data blocks, including scoring and rebounding have created the record high since he joined the NBA.Shin, who has averaged just 18 minutes per game this season, showed coach Sellars that given enough opportunities, he can return the game with a bang.Fans friends, you think the rockets and clippers game, Schroeder, Jay Green, Shin Jing three players will have how to play?